Lifestyle, Social Media
Mar 20, 2020

Digital Darlings: Lets Play An Instagram Game Shall We?

With everyone currently weathering the times out at home, a positive Instagram game has emerged.

The rules are easy and everyone can play. This is nothing but genuine feel good, say something good about your friends, family or even a stranger who wants to participate. It goes like this:

Welcome to the game, If someone posts “Respond to my story with the (fire emoji) and I’ll post my favorite picture from your instagram, and I’ll send a little love and admiration your way.

After you drop your (fire emoji) the rules are as follows: Now it’s your turn to publish the prompt. You will also publish in your stories the original prompter’s image of the account you fire emoji dropped. Pick your favorite picture form their grid following your own play along prompt and you are in the game. Remember, the game needs fair players and not egos. That being said you can drop a fire emoji, and not play. But isn’t it nice to spread kindness and words of cheer to people.

Happy social gaming!