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Feb 22, 2021

Digital Darlings: SNL “Loco”

SNL didn’t have to slap so hard with their “Loco” track featuring Bad Bunny.

Lets face it, we’re all a little loco at this point. And, we’re absolutely not judging you for re-watching Bridgerton for the 5th time. Actually, whose counting… did Netflix just clock you at 7? It’s fine. We’re all fine. This video had us out laughing out loud this weekend, when we realized she’s all of us. Let us know what part of the video resonated most with you. Or if you just tuned in to drool over RegĂ©-Jean Page. Thats ok too. We all need a little more love in your lives…even if it’s just on our television screens. Honestly, when did SNL get permission to slap so hard in their music skits? This could honestly play on the radio and it’d be a bop. SNL is out here nailing the struggle of living alone during Covid-19.