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Jul 25, 2018

Dine with Friends in San Diego at Cafe 21

Surviving the madness that is comic-con is a hard endeavor, which is why we were thrilled to step into Cafe 21

To celebrate SDCC Cafe 21 unveiled their speciality cocktail Wakanda’s potion. Just like the mythical land this cocktail is sure to put you in a positive state of mind. Made with Broker’s London dry Gin, activated charcoal and egg white, we felt both rejuvenated and refreshed for the rest of the day.

We were thrilled to pop in for Cafe 21’s happy hour which includes tapas like selections. While the entire menu looked appetizing we can only fit so many in during a tasting. But don’t worry, we think we picked the very best for reconnaissance, so you’ll know just what to order when you pop in.

After kicking off the meal with Wakanda’s potion we tried Cafe 21’s flight of Mimosa’s. the flight comes arranged in a delightful tier, filled with different seasonal juices. These will change, so we won’t tell you our favorite but possible the melon. So we hope it’s available when you pop in!

Paired with the mimosas we tried the cotton candy martini. We weren’t ready! These martini’s are massive. They say it’s only 2.5 martini’s but were convinced it’s at least 6!! Plus it comes topped with actual cotton candy which is pretty awesome.  Certainly it’s adulating at it’s finest.

For the food, since it was tapas style we dove into Cafe 21’s Baba Ganoush. It was flavorful, with just the right amount of olive oil, we would’ve asked for more bread if we’d had the time. But, lets be serious who doesn’t want more bread?

To add some veggies to our carb overload we dug into their  Vegan Vegetable Cabbage Rolls. Honestly, this dish was delightful. The rolls come with the perfect amount of sauce, which really enhances the flavors of the veggies.

We’ve never met a cheese we didn’t love. Of course we had to order Cafe 21’s Fondue on the menu. It is SO worth it. Don’t even hesitate. There is no reason to double think this. Dive into the cheese and be happy.

Our final pick as part of their happy hour was the Shrimp Ceviche. It’s served on Taro chips which makes it gluten free. We loved this dish. It was possibly our favorite, besides the cheese of course. But really the flavorful pairing of their shrimp ceviche are perfect for a summer evening. next time we’ll have to pair it to a rose.

Finally to wrap this edible journey up we had to make the very serious and hard decision of whats for dessert. It was agonizing to choose but we opted for the Bread pudding. We were surprised by the fruit peaches on top, but found it really enjoyable and a different departure from traditional bread pudding. This dish also changes with the season, so be sure to ask your server for all the details.

Let us know what you thought, and if you’ve been to Cafe 21 let us know what your favorite drinks and dishes are! Meanwhile happy house is 3-6pm every day! And the tapas selections are $4 for 21 or $6 each. Also most drinks are 50% off!