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Oct 3, 2019

Dinner Diaries: 40 Love

40 Love is a gem nestled on La Cienega blvd in West Hollywood. The name is after the idea of a posh country club mixed with your neighborhood dive bar. The result? A swanky neighboorhood go to, where everyone knows everyone.

The atmosphere at 40 Love is a bit posh, welcoming, and a dash of choose your own adventure. Whether you opt for the front room which gives you posh courtside tennis vibes, the first interior room which gives you more elite lounge all your neighborhood pals hang at, or their ultra private back rooms, 40 Love has something for everyone. They especially have something for all sports fans. Whether you’re into soccer, football, tennis, or the NBA, 40 Love has something for you (They have 25 large flat screens). The lounge often lays multiple games at once. The patio might be playing March madness but you could find a fierce hockey match playing inside. This is a sports lovers paradise. The only difference is at 40 Love you’ll actually want to stay for the drinks and the food. Let us give you a peek at what we tried as we traverse LA for the best dining destinations with you in mind.

For our appetizers we went all out and ordered 40 Love’s appetizer sampler…it was WILD. The sampler could honestly feed eight people. It was amazing, and all of the appetizers are mouth watering. The sampler includes Curly Fries, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Fries, Pretzels. We honestly over dose a bit on the scrumptious nature of just the platter…but determined to bring you a well rounded review, we endeavored on. Eating good food is hard, but someone has to do it. How else would you know what to order?

Stop whatever you’re thinking about and order the mac and cheese. It is so luxurious we can’t even describe it. Just throw that green juice, that diet, that carb avoidance out the window. Because 40 Love’s mac and cheese is worth every single bite. Every. Single. Bite.

We also tried their Western Bacon Cheeseburger, with the Impossible Burger as our option. We died. We expired on the first bite, the burger was beyond incredible (see what we did there). We were full we actually paused to stuff the rest of this burget down the hatch because you just couldn’t miss a bite. We don’t know what to recommend more. Honestly this entire experience was a foodie dream. Sports, good vibes, great food, and amazing cocktails?

Dessert? We don’t regret one bite. Not one bite. The ice cream comes with warm brownie bits mixed in. They win at dessert too.

Oh we haven’t even touched on the cocktails have we? We sat down with their head of mixology and his combinations blew us away. The Straw-Bar-Ita is dangerous in the best way. What a one two punch. But be careful, while she is tasty to the max she is also potent. Be sure to catch an uber if you’re planning on sampling 40 Love’s best cocktails, because they are fire. We also loved their afternoon delight which is a spin on an aperol spritz. While we’ve never met an aperol spritz we didn’t love, this grapefruit based cocktail might just turn you over. Give them all a try (don’t drive) and let us know your favorites! See you at 40 Love next week.