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Mar 15, 2024

Dinner Diaries: 7th St Korean BBQ

Meatlovers, this one is for you! 7th St. Korean BBQ has to be the best quality AYCE in Los Angeles.

Image: Carolina Bonetti

Being the hardworking and devoted foodie team that we are, we made sure to try all the goodies to ensure the best review possible (for science). In all seriousness the meat quality at 7th st. KBBQ was leaps and bounds above others we have frequented here in LA. While we have some spots we still love, the mom and pop dedication of this shop will forever make it a top-tier dining destination for us now.

Image: Carolina Bonetti

What sets 7th St. Korean BBQ apart is that this is authentic korean bbq, where alot of new spots opening up have really Americanized their menus, don’t look for that here. Eating here makes us feel like we’ve hopped on a jet to Seoul, when in reality we’ve just braved traffic to K-Town. Los Angeles’s Koreatown is without question the crowning glory of Korean cuisine in America. To say that one restaurant has a leg up on another is hard to do. The competition to be the best is so fierce here. That’s why finding all AYCE that has authentic flavors,high quality and great prices can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. You never know what’s around the corner. But don’t worry we did all the foodie “detectiving” for you.

Image: Carolina Bonetti

7th St. Korean BBQ provides guests with prime-grade meats served at the table, along with a slew of other traditional Korean dishes shared in a clean, smoke-free ambiance. The quality of the meat and banchan is simply unsurpassed, rivaling some of the best in Seoul itself. The banchan here is extensive. Not to brag but we know good banchan and they aren’t playing around.

Kick off your meal with the banchan and make sure you set yourself up for success by asking for a Kass beer and a bottle of Soju (fresh), once you’ve given them a mix you’re on your way to being a native. Remember Kam-sah-ni-da is thank you in Korean. In a heavy Korean influenced area it’s always a bonus to know a few words in your host’s native tongue and thank you goes a long, long way.

For our main meal we honestly had quite the sampler. But, when you’re sitting down for dinner we’d urge you to snag their $39.99 AYCE dinner option. The options begin at $29.99, but the next tier offer their beef bulgogi which is unrivaled. We have yet to have a better bulgogi in LA, we’re not even sure is Seoul can best it! Seriously, it’s that good…we asked for seconds.

Image: Yu Jae Hwa

We finished dinner with this delightful cinnamon pear tea, whose recipe we’re scheming to get for our home. Will update!

They take reservations for parties of 4 or more, and kids (3-6yrs) can dine beginning at $19.99. This place does get really busy so make sure to plan accordingly. Let us know your thoughts and what you ordered when you go! We love to see your dining stories.

7th St. Korean BBQ is located at 698 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90005. They are open 11am to 11pm seven days a week.