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Aug 30, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Cleo

Cleo has revamped not only their interior but their menu as well. Dive in as we take you along on this Mediterranean with a dash of Middle Eastern fare dining adventure.

Cleo’s menu has taken a turn for the better. Not only are the meals beautifully plated, the cocktails are out of this world in their presentations. Here is an inside look at our recent dining adventure compliments of SBE.

We kicked off the meal with Cleo’s house cured olives and pickled vegetables alongside of their trio of dips and house baked Jou Jou pita bread. You’ll find these delectable items on their starters any night of the week. We can’t recommend the trio dips with pita enough. We couldn’t pick a favorite they were all so incredible.

For our first course we began our dining experince with their Greek salad and their salt roasted beets. Even the most on the fence beet eater, won’t be able to say no to the chef’s combination of flavors in their salt roasted beets. The beets are served with Tahini sauce, mint, dill, lemon, pistachios, and a ricotta salata. The ensuing flavor combination will knock your taste buds back. It is so delicious. The beets were one of our favorite dishes. Now if we could just get the chef to make it for us daily…trust us we’re working on it.

The second course consisted of Cleo’s Balik Salmon Trio. The salmon is presented much how you would find sashimi, however it is cured and the flavors include truffle and a beet cure alongside a natural salmon cure. We loved this dish. It makes for a lighter summer fare, which is perfect for dining out on these very hot nights we’ve been experiencing.

Next we tried Cleo’s quinoa and tuna tabbouleh. This mediterranean staple is light, healthy, tasty, while also packed full of essential vitamins. This could also make for a fabuouls lunch if you pop in during the day, but are looking for a healthier alternative to burgers or pizza which populate the area.

One of our other favorites is Cleo’s fried cauliflower. Praise the kitchen, this cauliflower dish is divine. We couldn’t get enough, if you’re sharing you might want to snag two orders. The cauliflower comes with a bleu cheese tahini, garlic chips and green chili. If those ingredients don’t perk up your inner foodie’s curiosity we don’t know what will.

Finally we made it to the main courses of the evening. We kicked off our senses with Cleo’s Gûveç. If you’ve ever had mussels its a bit similar in presentation as a way to explain it. Its a seafood based meal in a deep pot (a Halloumi hotpot) with all the juices from the cooking collected at the bottom, thus the chef serves it with gorgeously toasted bread to aid you in soaking up all the flavor. The dish itself comes with baked shrimp, tomato, basil, spices, grape molasses, and lemon. The flavor profile on this is one of the best on the menu.

Cleo also treated us to a prime beef shish kebab. The meat barely hit the table before it was inhaled. To say the meat was cooked to a delectable perfection would be an understatement of its quality.

Our absolute favorite meal we tried was Cleo’s whole Branzino. The fish is de-boned which truly lets you enjoy the flavors and texture of a Branzino without the fear of choking. The fish was cooked to a perfect medium of falling off your fork like butter while still maintaining all of it’s juicy flavors.

Of the main course our final meal was their saffron Paella. Paella is a famous spanish dish, and as expected it was well done with a wonderful mixture of seafood. You can find mussels, shrimp, calamari, octopus and more in Paella. The saffron in the rice really helps all of the seafood flavors come to life. It’s easily one of the best additions to their new menu. If you’re craving a European palate while also wanting a rewarding dining experience, go wtih the paella.

Still breathing, we dove into dessert. This is the end of the marathon and it is worth every bite. The lemon cheesecake was light, fluffy, and topped with Italian Lemoncello as it’s finisher. This really satisfies your sweet tooth while also sneaking in a dash of an apertif to help your digestion. If you’re not much for lemon, try their tapioca pudding. It isn’t your regualr run of the mill flavors, but we’ll leave that up to your discovery when you go.