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Nov 30, 2018

Dinner Diaries: Commerson LA

Take a drive down to Mid-Wilshire for the delightful and creative menu Commerson LA  offers patrons. 

Commerson’s menu is mostly comprised of a seafood lover’s comfort food. Which is refreshing since most Happy Hours in the city are comprised of greasy and cheesy options… (which we do love but) hello healthier and sea faring options! Chef Sal Garcia who hails from Wolfgang Puck, has put some local Farmer’s market flair on the menu, while keeping the food accessible to everyone.

We dove into their Happy Hour Menu first which is a seafood lovers dream. We paired a bright champagne off of their Happy Hour menu with their Oysters. They’re currently serving east coast oysters (which makes us fall in love with a little briney sea salt flavoring all over again), for only $8 for 5 oysters. Where else can you find a deal like that? What a great combo!

Next on our Happy Hour to-do list we checked out Commerson’s Bolognese. It’s delish and the pasta was perfectly al dente, while the meat sauce blended flavors in perfectly. We also ordered their Happy Hour Wagyu. That’s right they have a Wagyu on the Happy Hour menu. It’s incredibly priced, and we rounded out our Happy Hour samplings with a Red Snapper Ceviche. The Ceviche was to die for. You could taste the freshness of the fish with every mouthful and just a perfect hint of lime. We paired each dish with a couple cocktails following our champagne kick off to the evening. Their mixologist has to be commended for doing a wonderful job of creating craft cocktails.

We moved onto the main menu and ordered their scallops which were also to die for. Yes, that’s right, we died twice in one meal! Do not leave this place if you love seafood and haven’t tried their scallops. We also tried their Octopus…which we’re pretty sure our editor Carolina has consumed enough Octopi to possibly extinct a small pod in the wild. While the Octopus was flavorful and delicious, the verdict is still out on the beans it was served on. The Chef is creative and loves pairing local ingredients he snags from the local farmers market. Each item was flavorful on it’s own but we’re just still mulling over the flavor combinations. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Finally we moved on to dessert. Lets face it, our server told us one of the desserts came on fire, so we just had to have it. We paired our final tasting round with a delightful dessert wine. Would you order a dessert on fire? We loved it!

Make sure to stop by for happy hour or later as they also validate for 2 hours in the back so you can stay a little longer to enjoy your meal with your drinks (or Uber/ Lyft we always recommend that if you want to truly take advantage of the Happy Hour’s cocktail and wine selection)

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