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Nov 8, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Concerto

Concerto is a local treasure nestled between mid city and Korea town here in Los Angeles. Concerto offers an Italian and Korean fusion menu, that should be on your foodie hit list.

We stopped by Concerto to try their brand new set dining menu. It is brilliantly designed, giving you an array of courses that are appropriately portioned to best enjoy all the ingredients.

We kicked off the meal with Concerto’s Tuna Tartar. The tuna came out beautifully diced with a bed of granny smith green apples layered over the top, and finished with edible flowers.

Next we moved onto Concerto’s tomato salad. Now, normally you might skip the tomato salad, but we urge you to give this a try. The flavors are fresh, and burst in your mouth with a freshness you can’t beat. The tomato salad comes in a persimmon dressing over a bed of cherry tomatos, tomato sorbet, parsley oil, and finally olive crumbs which really tie all the flavor profiles together.

The shrimp ravioli were a top favorite of ours. We loved how thin the ravioli pasta was itself. It was so thin, it reminded us of a dim sum type fusion, which was delightful. They serve their shrimp ravioli in a crab sauce with coriander.

We then moved onto their Duck breast which was absolutely divine. The duck was cooked to perfection. If you have never ventured to try duck, this is the place to give it a go. The duck breast is served alongside a barley risotto topped with raisin braised red cabbage.

The main meals we split. The final course for red meat lovers was a Tenderloin Steak alongside a kimchi dumpling, fried quinoa and mashed potatoes. Since not everyone enjoyed red meat, we also tried their Seabass which was melt in your mouth perfection, and came alongside a grilled asparagus spear which truly complimented the Seabass. The Seabass was also served on a flavorful marinated sauce, we want for everything now.

Concerto also boasts a cozy bar downstairs, and we recommend their Spicy Ivy off of the drink menu, as well as their espresso martini. The coffee is actually farmed in Hawaii by the owner, who is a proud coffee farmer. Let us know your thoughts! Can’t wait to see what you all decide to try.

Finally, don’t leave without trying one of their beautiful desserts, which are all made in house.