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Mar 15, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Doheny Room Tacos 1986 Pop Up

Doheny Room is joining the Taco Tuesday madness with their taco pop up (Tacos 1986) which kicked off March 5th and we’re onboard!

Tacos 1986 has a sweet back story as well. The owner of Tacos 1986 is the brother of a long time SBE employee, when he brought his brother’s business venture to the owners of SBE, they jumped right in with “how can we help, how can this work with SBE?” We love when big companies give a helping hand to their employees and help them shine in life. The new Tacos 1986 night is part of Doheny Room’s new Tuesday Night ‘ARKADE TUESDAYS’, with TACOS 1986 serving street-style fare from 7pm – Midnight.

The tacos are ridiculously well priced at $3-$5 and are served in true street taco style. All the tacos are made to order and you can watch the taqueros at work when you order, as they bring all your Taco dreams to life.

It is universally agreed that you can’t enjoy street tacos without a margarita with a salted rim, yes? Great! Glad we’re all on the same page! We kicked off our Taco Tuesday with the Doheny Room’s delicious margarita as we waited for the Taco line to dwindle down a bit. The crowd was voracious for Tacos all night long! Everytime the line dwindled sure enough it was a calling beacon for the next wave. We kicked off our meal with their sautéed mushroom taco and adobe (pork) taco alongside our very first ever “Vampiro”

Look at this baby, just look at it! The Vampiro is like a mini tostada made with a cron tortilla. IT. IS. DELICIOUS. WOW. We literally kicked off a trend in the bar we were dying it was so good. Just feast your eyes. We tried the chicken (featured here) and followed it up with a carne asada, because if you’re going to do a sequel you better make it awesome.

We also tried their street style quesadillas which are a bit differen from your traditional quesadillas. Nevertheless they were delicious. We got a little wild and ordered a chicken and mushroom combo which was divine.

We’re adding Doheny Room in West Hollywood to our Taco Tuesday night rotation. Although this really should be part of a weekly taco bar hopping spree. People go bar hopping, why not go taco hopping in WeHo? Let us know your thoughts!