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Aug 4, 2018

Dinner Diaries: Doheny Room’s Summer Menu

Not all restaurants are created equal. Which is why we enjoy dining at The Doheny Room so much. They’ve curated a summer menu, you absolutely must try. 

The Doheny Room is located on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, and boasts beautiful decor, as well as after hour services which is perfect for anyone hoping to extend their night on the town.

We kicked off our meal with their signature Brussel Sprouts which are tossed in a balsamic reduction, with almonds, siracha sauce, and topped with bonito flakes. The Brussel Sprouts are tender and have just a hint of spicyness which won’t overwhelm your palate.


Next we recommend their Summer Salad which our server joked included everything but the kitchen sink. She was absolutely right, and it is delicious. The salad is light and crisp. The best part if because it has many alternating flavors you can’t not love it! This can honestly be a meal in itself.

As bonafide sushi aficionados we loved The Doheny Room’s avocado and beet sushi. It’s a fun and vegan take on our favorite food group. Don’t even question that, sushi is absolutely it’s own food group! The avocado and the beets are perfectly matched flavors which will leave you satisfied, but also light enough to let you enjoy your evening without feeling overly full.

For meat lovers the chicken sliders on the menu are a perfect go-to. We’ve never encountered chicken sliders before, and were a little hesitant to dive in, but once we did we were hooked. The meat was deliciously plump and juicy, while the bread they choose had just a dash of sweetness which really helped to round out the flavor profile.

Finally The Doheny room’s white fish is the perfect entree. We don’t recommend sharing this plate, as it’s so palatable you won’t want to miss a single bite. The flavors blend flawlessly into one another, and the fish melts in your mouth, delivering perfect flavor profiles.

If you can still stand and need to pay homage to your sweet tooth, have a try of their exciting Chocolate Dome, it comes set on fire, which is a blast.

PS- If you’re looking for wonderful cocktails don’t go anywhere else. Their cocktail menu was curated in part by their senior bartender, Ryan Hooks. Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable and will point you in the direction of their best spirits. Or you can opt to enjoy their wine menu like our editor Carolina Bonetti, who always opts for a summer Rosé.