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Feb 15, 2019

Dinner Diaries: E!ght Korean BBQ

We’re on it every week to track down all the best spots in and around LA for you, our dear readers. We were thrilled to take a trek down to Korea Town to check out E!ght Korean BBQ.

E!ght Korean BBQ is famous for their eight flavors of pork belly, thus their name. Of course we dug right in, and loved trying all of them. For those of you who are new or have never tried Korean BBQ we also really love E!ght Korean BBQ because they do all the grilling for you, right at your table. Their signature eight flavors of pork belly focuses on combining different flavors from different cultures but grilling them up in a tradtional Korean BBQ style. We loved the garlic pork belly the most. Just take a look at these beauties and tell us you don’t want them too?

All the BBQ pairings come with an assortment of sides, but pro-tip ask for a side of white rice, it really makes all the flavors in the different pork flavorings stand out. We opted for Combo A on our first try but they have four different combo options including beef for you red meat lovers.

Our order also came with the Seafood Soybean Soup, which we loved. It containted an array of seafood from crab legs to clams, octopus, and fish, we couldn’t get enough. And again, it goes great with a bit of white rice added in. The soup is incredibly flavorful and can honestly be a complete meal in and of itself.

The meal is then rounded out with the Kimchi fried rice and melted mozzarella. All of this is cooked and prepared by E!ght’s increible staff who we’re obsessed with. Also a major pro-tip the stools you sit on are hollow (you hear us ladies?) you can pop the top off and use the inside for storage. This blew our minds, and definitelynetly inspired us to come back!

We know you’ll be hooked if you try E!ght Korean BBQ, and they know it too, which is why they even have locations in Singapore. We love finding signature spots in LA you can find again abroad. Let us know what your favorites are when you go.