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Oct 10, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Haute Mess

Step into a little slice of Europe at Haute Mess off of 3rd and Beverly.

Haute Mess is a European gourmet market and sandwich bar nestled in West Hollywood. The hours of operation are 7 am to 9 pm daily, and they are planning on unveiling picnic baskets for all you Hollywood Bowl lovers soon. You should check out their sandwich bar, curated charcuterie, cheeses, European coffees, pastries and a selection of over 150 wines.┬áBe fore warned however, the wines are not available for consumption inside the restaurant, rather you can only purchase them to bring home. Don’t worry you’re not alone mourning the ability to partake in wine alongside your gourmet sandwich. They also sell Italian goods like olive oil, basalmic, and other herbs and savory ingredients for you to bring home. The wine selections are gorgeously presented.

The gourmet sandwhiches are expertly prepared, and they aren’t afraid to play around with flavors. We loved the burrata combo, but the apples in their other option also left us loving the flavor profiles, in addition to the beautiful presentation.

All of their pastries are made in house, and the results are stupendous. You can savor each individual flavor as you enjoy your selections. Not to mention, the chef truly goes out of their way to ensure the presentation is a work of art. Just take a look at these decadent beauties.

Finally, we wrapped up our experience with their espresso which was served in the traditional Italian fashion. We fell head over heels for the experience. Truly the only thing that could have made the experience better, would be the ability to sip wine as we dined. We think this is a great spot to fuel up on a little espresso while you wait for your take away sandwiches. Stop by and let us know what you think.