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Apr 30, 2023

Dinner Diaries: Hudson House

There is a new cool kid on the dinner block and it’s the swanky new restaurant, Hudson House, on the Sunset Strip.

Swanky is the word that comes to mind when you think of Hudson House for Dinner. The interior is upscale yet cozy with dark wood panels and blue leather booths that give it an upscale but not at all trying to be vibe. Hudson House delivers the “je ne sais quoi” if you will, that everyone looks for. Once the hostess seats you and you’ve had a chance to take in the menu you might notice the musical stylings of Frank Sinatra playing in the background to further set the tone. Oyster lovers will be delighted to know that fresh oysters are flown in daily and they offer seven different kinds of martinis. Name a better pairing, we can wait.

To kick off our meal we went with what has to be considered an appetizer staple here in the City of Angels, the spicy tuna crispy rice which they list on their menu as Crispy Sushi Rice, which can also be ordered with salmon instead of tuna. But who are we kidding? This app has become to signature to the LA dinner scene it’d be criminal to mess with it, are you even a restaurant in LA if you have seafood and don’t offer it? Their Crispy Sushi Rice was perfectly crisp and the spicy tuna will not let you down, it does pack quite the bite here incase you are spice adverse. We loved it, but it does give a bite back.

Our next appetizer was a fun take on guacamole. Their Avocadop Dip consists of whipped avocado, lemon juice & maldon salt, served with house-made ranch chips. It was smoother than normal guac which makes it more of a dip and the flavored crisps also make it original. If you’re someone who feels safe at dinner by sticking to basics but theres a bit of you that yearns to try new things, this is for you. Also, great to share if you’re with friends and want to do a small plate feel for your apps to kick off your evening.

For our main event we went for their Crab Cakes and it was a stunner. The amount of crab meat in these crab cakes is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll find them on their menu as the Maryland Crab Cakes (as if anyother style is an option). Sticking to their namesake theyre traditional crab cakes that are famous in Maryland for being pan-seared jumbo lump crab and now you can find them in West Hollywood. The crab cakes are also served with dill tartar sauce, tomato salad & coleslaw. They are truly traditional and delicious.

The other main option we chose was an absolute show-stopper. If you love lobster you can’t dine at Hudson House and not splurge for their Lobster Roll. Hudson House’s lobster roll is 1/4 lb of fresh Atlantic lobster, served in the New England style, with a poppy seed roll and a side of skinny fries.

We tried Hudson House’s Key Lime Pie and a round of drinks for our dessert to finish this chef’s kiss of a delightful meal. Let us know your thoughts, and we can’t wait to see you next time we’re in!