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Jun 7, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Katana Red Sun

Katana has introduced their summer menu, and it’s incredible.

It’s summer in LA which means it’s time to take you and your friends to Katana  to enjoy a seated dinner with a menu featuring items such as uni wagyu hand rolls, seafood ceviche, kakuni carnitas tacos and more, along with a selection of tropical summer cocktails!

We kicked off our dining experience with Katana’s Hammer Roll, which honestly is La Piece De Resistance of their summer menu. It was so delicious, we barely took a breath as we inhaled the flavorful roll. The Hammer Roll is actually a creation from the mind of Katana’s manager. The roll includes: rock shrimp tempura, avocado, soypaper, topped with spicy tuna, soy marinated jalapeño, masago, all topped with eel sauce. It is an explosion of flavor, and no one would blame you if you ordered five…or ten. Trust us, when we say we get it.

The fried calamari on the menu are also a must try. They come with a miso seasoning which makes them just a tad sweet, and all the more delicious for it.

Another favorite menu item of Katana’s Summer BBQ menu are their smoked robota shrimp. These jumbo prawns are grilled to perfection and come with a chimichurri ponzue sauce. It’s a new flavor pairing for shrimp, and we have to say we were absolutely on board. Not to mention it’s a lighter fare item, which sits more comfortably with the summer heat.

Katana’s summer menu also boasts a couple tacos. Served in a blue corn tortilla soft taco, it’s a great item if you’re looking for a more filling yet still healthy dining option. Both the shrimp and carnitas tacos are worth a try on the menu. We reccomend pairing this order with the menu’s margarita.

No BBQ experience is really complete without sliders. A great find on the menu is Katana’s Kara-Age Sliders. Two perfectly portioned sliders arrive on hawaiian rolls, with a spicy garlic aioli, crispy onions, lettuce, and of course the fried pork (Kara-Age). This is a bit more of an indulgent choice, but worth every bite.

Finally we can never visit Katana without taking a bite of their Hanabi. The spicy tuna and crispy rice combo is a one two punch, which is good all year long, and at any time of the day. Nothing wrong with loving your basic staple. Which is what also makes the summer menu so great. You don’t have to pick and choose between the new items and your favorites, you can go back and forth between them. Happy eating! Let us know where you’d like us to go next.