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Jan 25, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Killer Shrimp

Take a trip to the west side and check out Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey for your next dining adventure.

First of all, Killer Shrimp is located right on the Marina with beautiful views of the ocean, as well as a 24/7 cafe attached to the main restaurant where you can enjoy their meals all day or night long. This is a perfect date spot for a sunset dinner. It’s also a varied menu which makes it a great fit for work dinners with colleagues. You don’t want to miss out ont their extensive wine list or craft cocktails. Although the cocktails are on the stronger side, so be sure to call yourself a ride sharing service to get home safely. Here are our picks from this week’s Dinner Diaries review series from Killer Shrimp’s menu:

You can’t go to Killer Shrimp and not give their original menu a go. We opted for the Killer Shrimp “shelled” which comes paired with french bread. The sauce the shrimp are served in is a bit spicy but has just the right amount of secret seasoning to make you dig in with your bread. Be careful as if this is your appetizer, it can be very filling. Pace yourself is our biggest advice. We also snagged their oysters, because lets face it, oysters on a seafood menu are always a good idea.

Next we tried their Killer Mac and Cheese with shrimp. It was to die for. The next time we go we’ll have to check out the lobster version but this was unbelievably delicious. If we hadn’t had more food coming we might have just begged for a double order and called it a night.

We went ahead and tried Killer Shrimp’s Snow Crab Claws and these were our favorites of the evening! The owner even popped in to give us tips on how to best optimize eating them. Did you know if you take the smaller “knuckle” and press is all the way until it snaps you can then bring it back up and use the larger one to pull the entire claw meat out?! It works everytime. We’re never eating crab legs the same again. The Snow Crab Legs themselves are delicious and come in a buttery sauce topped with rosemary that will leave you also wanting to dip the bread into. ( You see a theme here?).

Moving onto the main event we opted for the scallops which were seared to perfection and served on a bed of mashed potatoes that were so perfect we nearly expired on the table. The scallops come in a caper beurre blanc sauce and the mashed potatoes are garlic. Everything is better with garlic so we obviously devoured it. This is one main dish you sholdn’t skimp on.

The next main dish we gave a go to was their Bone-In Pork Chop. With all the seafood, we wanted to pay attention to those of you who may not be the biggest seafood fans. We’re happy to report it was just as tasty as their seafood preparation. They serve the pork chops cornmeal crusted with a creamy peppercorn sauce and bleu cheese mashed potatoes.

To finish the evening we gave their s’mores a try on their dessert menu. They aren’t your traditional s’mores, and instead come in a jar and reminded us more of a pudding than traditional s’mores. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven, though beware this isn’t a traditional s’mores presentation at all.