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Jun 13, 2024

Dinner Diaries: LA Wangbal

Take a little trip to Korea town in Los Angeles with us as we explore the flavorfilled cuisine of the sweetest little local restaurant, Wangbal.

LA’s Wangbal is famous as a local Korean restaurant serving jokbal. What is jokbal you ask? Jokbal is pigs’ feet, aka trotters. “Wang Bal” could be translated as “King Foot” — meaning very large feet. funfact: Pigs feet are filled with collagen, did someone say good bye wrinkles hello plump looking skin? Oh it was us, we did. It was our first time on a foodie adventure where we got to try Jokbal and we have to say it was pretty delicious. Would we get it again? Yes. So much yes. Wangbal also boasts a fun twist on the traditional Jokbal dish.  Wangbal’s chefs infuse a fruit base into each dish, which creates an extraordinary fusion of flavors. Just a hint of sweetness for the spice and tang that Jokbal is traditionally known for leaves you with such a stunning fusion of flavors, we know you’ll be coming back.

Image: Carolina Bonetti

This little local spot really does make you feel as if you have been transported to Seoul, South Korea. The owners are very sweet and encouraging to customers, though it seemed that say we might have been the only newbies, we can’t stress enough how welcoming and delicious this spot was. You can’t call yourself an Angelino until you’ve snagged a lunch or dinner here, Wangbal is sure to become an insitution.

Wangbal is a very casual eatery with an even friendlier staff. Don’t worry about overwhelimg menus or rude staffers, this place makes you feel as if you’ve come back to visit family and the love with which the food is made bleeds through.

Our favorite dish was hands down this Gamja Tang – spicy pork short rib soup with potato. We could eat this everyday, it was so filling while also being packed with flavor and healthy veggies and herbs for you.

Address: 4251 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 Hours:  11 AM – 10 PM Tues – Thurs, Sun
11 AM – 11 PM Fri – Sat, Closed on Mon.