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Jan 7, 2022

Dinner Diaries: Lady Byrd Café

We are still dreaming of how lovely all the decor was during the holidays which is exactly why Lady Byrd Cafe, in Echo Park is our dinner diaries destination this week.

Lady Byrd Cafe is a small and local owned spot in Echo Park that features contemporary American fare as its dining staple. The quaint but adorable location was all done up for the holidays and if you are following us on Instagram, we’re sure you enjoyed the stories. If you aren’t following us well, duh, hop off here and click the follow button before coming right back. Lady Bird Cafe is a neighborhood favorite, and if you haven’t been we can’t recommend enough, what a great date spot this is. With so many holiday plans cancelled because of the pandemic, as things calm down, this is a perfect spot to bring some of that winter wonder into your life before the seasons change. Lady Byrd Cafe is famous for their absolutely adorable glass green houses you can dine in. Covered in lights, and dotted along a winding path of plants you’ll feel as if you’ve found your own secret garden to dine in. Here’s what we had the night we popped in to check what all the details were on their dinner menu.

We kicked off the evening with their Sangria and a side of garlic bread. At only $37 for a bottle of their homemade blend, it’s quite the steal.

PS- We also asked for the seasonal margarita which happened to be a Rosemary and Fig variety, if that is what they’re offering or their season margarita you have to order it. No questions. This was such an incredible flavor, if you go and don’t partake you are truly doing yourself a disservice. Get the Fig and Rosemary Marg. You’re welcome in advance.

One thing you should know about Lady Byrd Cafe, is they don’t really offer appetizers. Because of that we decided to try three of their entrees and let you know out of a variety of choices what was on offer, and what we thought might make for the perfect dinner combo.

First up was Lady Byrd’s Creamy Shrimp Pasta. The dish is very well proportioned and comes in a creamy alfredo sauce with parmesan, shrimp, sauteed mushrooms, and Aleppo pepper, in a bed of linguine. The result? A classic combo you won’t want to miss out on.

We can’t leave out our meatlovers which made ordering their Bolognese Pasta a no-brainer. The sauce is rich in flavor and also comes over a bed linguine. Lady Bird makes a mean beef Bolognese and don’t forget to ask for a side of parmesan.

Finally we tried one of Lady Byrd Cafe’s specials of the evening, the pan seared salmon. The dish was delectable. The salmon presented that perfect flaky-moist ratio that can be hard to come by and an explosion of flavor. If you happen by on an evening where they have a salmon special, you’re going to want to ask for one, or two…we’re not judging you.

Dessert, well…there was only one choice for dessert once we saw churro on the menu. Thats right, we got the churro with ice cream and caramel sauce and not one bite was wasted. Worth every spoonful. If you doubt us we dare you to get it.