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May 5, 2023

Dinner Diaries: Niku X

Niku X has come to downtown Los Angeles, and it is a Japanese fine dining experience with the highest quality selections of Wagyu.

Niku X has an impressive menu that features a full a la carte menu, yet you’ll find most people choosing the $230 Yakiniku tasting menu, involving eleven courses. With Downtown LA flourishing and bringing no lack of high end experiences to the area we aren’t suprised that DTLA became the home of Niku X. Niku X takes an innovative approach to the traditional Japanese Yakiniku experience and a seasonal chef’s tasting menu. Their Japanese BBQ menu not only features the highest quality of domestic and A5 Wagyu from Japan but also an array of rare seafood combinations and locally grown vegetable pairings. Everything at Niku X has been artfully curated by Chef Shin Thompson. We were treated to a special preview meal from Niku X’s executive chef and it went a little something like this.

We kicked off our feast with their Bone Marrow which is presented in a jaw dropping actual bone that they then proceed to set on fire to really bring all the flavors of the Marrow to life, alongside a serving of Japanese Milk Toast.

The appetizers followed with a delectable Tuna Tartar that also included Trout Roe, Wasabi and Nori. The finishing touches on this dish really let your tastebuds explore how high quality their fish is. They might be known for their Wagyu but don’t sleep on their seafood, the quality is superb.

They brought us a Wagyu fried rice that comes topped with a Tornado Jidori Omlette. The Wagyu left a bit of a heavier, saltier flavor than your normal fried rice which really elevated the dish. You’ll have to erase your ideas of take out friend rice from your favorite go to Chinese spot, and instead re-wire your taste buds for the delicacy and melding of flavors this dish provides.

Of course no dinner can be complete without the main event, which for us included their Lumina rack of Lamb. It was mindblowing. The lamb was cooked to perfection, pink enough to perfectly savor all the juices of lamb while not overwhelming you with too many spices. Instead Niku X pairs their lamb with Karashi mustard that gives just a bit of a kick alongside a dabbling of Olive Oil which makes for the best flavor enhancer. You’ll never want over seasoned Lamb again we promise.

Now our dear friends our dinner has come to it’s final adventure, dessert. With season desserts on their menu you may or may not find these beauties on their menu, but if you do we can’t say enough good things about their Lavender cake or Strawberry Brulee Cheesecake. Without being too sweet, these deserts make up for the most well rounded finish to a decadent meal. Their desserts are well proportioned and not overly sweet. This combination lets your tastebuds enjoy your feast without giving you a sugar high that wipes away their dining experience.

Let us know your thoughts on their dishes and what you’d like to try off of their menu.

Niku X is located at: 900 Wilshire Blvd Ste 212, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Take the escalators up to the second floor to find their entrance and host stand for your reservations.