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Jan 18, 2019

DINNER DIARIES: No. 10 Restaurant

No. 10 Restaurant recently opened on 3rd Street. It’s a contemporary, Italian restaurant with a modern yet intimate vibe. Perfect for a date, party, or girls night out!

Confession: I love Italian food!  Anyone who know me, knows I love pizza and pasta pretty much more than life itself. So, when I got the invite to try No. 10 opening week, I was seriously stoked!

Even better, my sister was in town on business from D.C., so I took her as my plus . Little did the venue know they had two New York Italians judging their food. The results did not disappoint!

First off, the team behind the restaurant has an interesting story. It includes Italian football legend, Alessandro Del Piero who’s passion for exquisite, authentic Italian cuisine and his vision to create an inviting place with great ambiance and aesthetics was certainly achieved.  We really loved the cute outdoor patio, as well as the lounge area and gold accent designs inside. 

The chefs for No. 10 include Nick Parker who specializes in Italian, French, Spanish, Creole, Pacific Northwestern, Southern and modern American cuisines and has worked in kitchens all over the US including his hometown of Idaho, Atlantic City, Washington, Florida, Las Vegas, Colorado and Texas. His partner in crime is Chef Fabio Ugoletti who hails from the motherland- Parma, Italy,  where he worked as an Executive Chef at Al Gallopapa (a prestigious 1-star Michelin restaurant.) Fabio has also worked as a gastronomic consultant – can I get this job? – and has organized events all over the world in countries including Italy, China, Poland, Sweden, Korea, United States, and Lithuania.

But lets talk about what we really came for: the food! We started with a bowl each of Zuppa D’astice (Lobster Bisque.) The soup was delicious but not what you would expect from a normal bisque. Most lobster bisques are thick and creamy and while this bisque did have a nice consistency it was a mix between a bisque and a stew and also contained stew elements like potato in the broth. Surprising but delicious!

Then it was on to an appetizer classic, fried calamari. Their version is called Frittino which is friend calamari, shrimp, butternut squash, shishito pepper, and spicy tomato sauce. It was a bit spicy for our tastebuds but still good.

Next, the plan was to pick different entrees and share so we could try more things, but when it came down to it we both just really wanted to try the Paccheri and Italians are notoriously stubborn, so we ordered the same thing! Paccheri is main lobster, crustacean broth, stracciatella, pomodorini, and basil pesto. Fancy pasta…but boy was it delicious! Our only complaint was that it was made in the traditional al dente style which we don’t mind, but it was a bit too al dente for our liking. As my grandmother would say, it needs another minute!

Of course we paired delicious Italian wines with our meal and topped off the night with their home made chocolate mouse… this was to die for!

While we don’t give No. 10 a perfect 10, we do give it a strong 8! The food was good and the ambience was stunning. It’s intimate yet upscale and definitely think of it more for a special occasion than your local family Italian restaurant. If you’re in the mood for celebrating though, make your reservations quick. We are sure this hot spot will have a wait list most nights.

Further information:


8436 W 3rd St
Los Angeles CA, 90048

Monday – Saturday: Opening to 8pm

Sunday: 5pm to 11pm
Monday- Thursday:  6pm to 11pm
Friday: 6pm to 12am
Saturday: 5:30pm to 12am