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Feb 10, 2023

Dinner Diaries NYC: Olio e Piú

Whether you’re looking for a bit of romance in the city or a night out with friends, Olio e Piú has a little something for everyone nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC.

Olio e Piú as a more modern take on traditional Italian dishes, and the restaurant also boasts outdoor seating which is always a plus in NYC. We ventured to Olio e Piú this past January and there is nothing more that sates your needs than a hot and hearthy meal in the middle of winter. The restaurant’s wine list is lengthy, and it offers a full bar as well if you’re craving a cocktail over wine. The interior feels a bit like you’ve stepped into a secret garden which was what we found most charming about the restaurant. Olio e Piú focuses on focus’ on house-made pastas and thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza, all made in-house. If you go on a busy night even with a reservation be prepared to wait, don’t be shy and grab a glass of wine while you wait at the bar, we let the server ask us twice (if we wanted wine) and honestly, should’ve just said yes to her the first time because the house was packed and we did wait an additional 45mins. Translation? Don’t go before a Broadway Show (we didn’t have a show to catch but it’s solid advice if you’re planning your night out). This is the type of restaurant you carve out the evening for so that you can enjoy your meal at your leisure.

We kicked off our meal with their fresh buffalo mozzarella that comes with figs, endives, watercress and a saba dressing. The buffalo mozzarella was so incredible fresh and flavorful it is honestly it’s own standalone star. The figs were a lovely touch and always so great to enjoy in season. This dish is also gluten free which is great if anyone joining has Celiac or just avoids gluten but loves Italian in general.

For our second appetizer we sampled their Polipo a la Griglia, which was one of our favorite choices on their menu from all their options, just delicious. The dish is grilled octopus with a cannellini beans purée, alongside crushed potatoes, pickled onions, olives, capers, and topped off with parsley. We’d never thought to pair cannellini beans with octopus but now we can’t think of another way!

To follow up for our main courses we tried their Spaghetti Chitarra alla Carbonara. It isn’t the overly creamy Americanized version of carbonara it is legitimate and delicious Italian carbonara which is important to keep in mind ig you’re a cream lover. The dish is very popular and one of Olio e Piu’s best sellers for a reason. Simple yet delicious ingredients make for a pasta you’ll find yourself wanting seconds of, even if you’re stuffed. The dish is fresh spaghetti with Prosciutto, black pepper, a raw egg yolk, parmesan, and chili oil. To make the perfect carbonara it’s up to you to break the yolk and mix it into the dish which is also one of your favorite parts of this dish.

Our partner in crime this evening was someone who has Celiac. That said, the waitstaff was knowledgable about changes and what dishes could or couldn’t be swapped out for their fresh gluten free pasta they also have in-house. After chatting back and forth we deicded we couldn’t say no to truffles. Their fettucine tartufo will have your soul leaving your body because the dish is a religious experience even if you’ve swapped the fettucine for the gluten free option. The black truffle is superb, the quality is truly next level and every bite of the dish shows that off. It also comes with the simplicity of butter, and parmesan to complete the flavor profile.

Feeling sated we enjoyed our drinks for a bit before proceeding to try their dessert menu, the Olio e Piú Tiramisu is a must and if you’re a chocolate lover you can’t miss out on their Nocciola Sphera.

We paired our dessert with a glass of Grappa which can’t be recommended enough. You need to breakdown all the food you’ve just enjoyed and this Italian spirit does a great job accompanying your dessert choice while also helping you digest your food.

Olio e Piú is located at: 3 Greenwich Ave New York 10014 | Cross streets: between Sixth Ave and Christopher St

Check their website here for hours and days of operation.