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Apr 23, 2021

Dinner Diaries: Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime Beverly Hills is a fine dining destination that deserves a place on your Angeleno checklist.

Ocean Prime Beverly Hills has valet available for parking, and enforces Covid-19 protocols to make all their guests feel safe and welcome. With temperature checks in place and a saety barrier between you and hosts, you can feel relaxed as you arrive with your reservation for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

We opted to begin our evening with Sancerre and Sauvignon Blanc as we enjoyed their bread basket, a warning the warm pretzel bread is so tempting you might not be able to stop.

The first option we tried was Ocean Prime’s lobster bisque. The lobster bisque is so decadent, the lobster is butter poached, letting the flavors of the bisque melt in your mouth.

For the main course we asked for a split which is available to anyone dining. We tried their Lobster Tails and Lamb. As you can see the kitchen seperated them to let us share two plates as one. The twin Lobster Tails are cooked to perfection, served with asparagus and drawn butter. Our second choice was their Colorado Lamb. We ordered the Lamb medium which was bursting with flavor as it is a double bone chop served with roasted garlic thyme juice. The result is decadence.

Because we didn’t splurge on appetizers we made sure to order sides to accompany our dinner selections. Never being able to say no to mac and cheese we ordered their Black Truffle Mac and Cheese, which blew our minds.

We also ordered their side of Roasted Brussel Sprouts and felt we couldn’t have made a better choice. Crispy and full of flavor we can’t say enough about how much we loved them.