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Jul 25, 2019

Dinner Diaries: SDCC Edition Featuring The Good Place

We all love the comedy that is The Good Place. Which we all know is actually the Bad Place…but the Good Place. This year at SDCC they took over the Hard Rock and fed the masses.

SDCC can be a crazy place. There are hundreds of thousands of people, and mainly just a lot of little side hustle type food stands. If you’re lucky some of the events will feed you. But mainly, you’re probably on a hotdog and pretzel diet. Which is why popping into The Good Place’s take over of ihop was a blast. Check out some of the fun items from their stint there.

The activation lasted four days and wasn’t even tied into your SDCC badge. Anyone could register online beforehand. Always stay in touch with NBC as they are a great company to watch out for interactive experiences.

The portal to the Interdimensional Hole of Pancakes will soon open to our world, and only the bravest fans will be able to visit the Neutral Zone’s IHOP.Guests can enjoy a themed meal, casually experience the Time-Knife, and feel what it’s like for Michael to be truly powerless.

The pop-up pancake shop will be located in Maryjane’s Diner at the Hard Rock Hotel on Fifth Avenue (but watch out for niednagels!)