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May 24, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Sixth and Mill

Take a trip with us to downtown LA, to uncover Sixth and Mill. Dinner Diaries exits to find the restaurant gems Los Angeles holds within it’s neighborhoods, Sixth and Milldoes not disappoint.

Lovers of Italian food will delight in the authentic taste and quality of Sixth and Mill’s culinary selection. We kicked our meal off with a traditional Italian cocktail, the Aperol Spritz. The indsutrial space is bright and cheerful during the lunch hour, with open planning that allows you to see much of the magic as the kitchen whips up your dishes.

We began our food experience at Sixth and Mill with their delectable brussel sprouts. Perfected toasted, they are well matched in flavor and will not overwhelm you with the other ingredients. We loved how light and crispy the texture was, not to mention it is a vegetable which leaves you feeling deceptivley healthy while you enjoy the flavors.

We ordered their Margherita , which may be a staple, but if you perfect a staple in our opinion, everything else is a breeze. Their Margherita comes with fior di latte, apulian evoo and oregano. The crust is the perfect soft to crisp ratio with just enough cheese to not overwhelm the senses, but delight a true cheese lover.

You cannot go to an Italian restaurant and not try the pasta. After scouring their menu, and having a heated internal debate we decided on their Lardiata. The Lardiata is a large noodle dish served with tomato sauce (marinara), Proscuitto, Pecorino, and Chives. The pasta is slightly al dente, which truly helps to bring out the flavors infused in the dish. We cannot recommend this dish enough. It is divine.

Finally we wrapped up our experience at Sixth and Mill with their dessert menu. We opted for their Zeppoline which are tiny, delectable fried doughnuts. We died and went to heaven with just one bite.

But don’t worry if you can’t finish it all you can always take your meal home. We loved their take home option. The waiter will take your plate and return with a coat check type number. When you’re all done at the table you simply return to the hostess stand and hand in your number, for your meal which is perfectly packaged and awaiting you. They also have valet at Sixth and Mill, which you can even pay via your credit card. We love a valet that doesn’t need cash, with less and less people carrying actual cash around, using your credit card on an app for parking is a winning feature.