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Mar 1, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Sloane’s Valley Village

We’ve recently discovered Sloane’s Valley Village, in… you guessed it, Valley Village. This quaint local spot is sure to become a favorite.

Bobby Montes the owner converted the former Delicatessen into what is now a tasty little restaurant. Sloanes focuses on a warm ambiance that tears you away from the crazyness which can be Los Angeles. You can’t miss the Sloane’s Valley Village entrance with its beautiful bougainvillea tree which adorns its entrance, as it welcomes you into a cozy backyard type atmosphere.

The menu is a new American type fare. We say new because you’ll be delighted to know their deep fried pickles and chicken sandwich are made with rice flour (Gluten free yay!) but you’d never know it based on flavor alone.

We kicked off our tasting with Sloane’s Funky Fried Pickels which we mentioned before are made with rice flour. We had no idea until Bobby let us in on that little tid-bit. If you love pickles this is one starter you should consider kicking your night off with. Not to mention the pickles come with not one but two dipping sauces.

Next we moved onto Sloane’s Kale and Quinoa Salad with seared Salmon. This is not your average salad. It is jam packed with flavors and we were pleasantly surprised to come across sliced grapes in the salad as well. This is a full fledged meal and you won’t be hungry after. This is the most un-salad, salad we’ve ever enjoyed. The Salmon was cooked to perfection and paired nicely with the dressing. We couldn’t get enough of this dish. Light enough to not weight you down, yet hearty enough to fill you up.

Our favorite item we tried at Sloane’s was their Really Big Chicken Sandwich. Holy cow this is one item on the menu you absolutely cannot overlook. This southern style large fried chicken sandwich certainly lives up to its southern namesake (we would know we’ve eaten all over the Southeast and Texas). Plus this sandwich comes fried in their rice flour, which means if you’re gluten free you can finally have a fried chicken sandwich you can enjoy. Lets face it this is LA, even if you’re not gluten free you know you’ve been wanting to try it, and this is your ticket.

Last but not least, we gave their Breakfast Burrito a try. If you’re a breakfast fantatic like we are (okay we’re food fanatics but details…) you’ll be thrilled to know this item is served all day and all night long! Who doesn’t love an all day breakfast? Sloane’s Breakfast Burrito comes in a flour tortilla with pork belly, hasbrowns, jalapeño, American & cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro, and two eggs over medium.

Let us know if you give Sloane’s a try! We love adventuring around the city, to bring you all, a food tour of the best and newest places to eat! Sloane’s opens at 11 am every day. You can check their full schedule here