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Sep 12, 2019

Dinner Diaries Special Edition: Portos At Home!

We are so excited to share this Dinner Diaries edition with you all! We have teamed up with Portos to share a very exciting new way to dine!

Portos has to be the golden goose egg of Los Angeles dining. The food is spectacular and the prices are completly unbeatble. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that they had launched a brand new Portos at home option?! We just had to try it, and report back. But because we love you all so much, we went a step further. The food is all meant to be baked and it bakes to perfection. you feel as if you’re in Porto’s and they’ve just handed you the fresh pastries across the counter. The flavors burst in your mouth, and you can’t helo but take a third…even fourth helping at home. We want to bring you all this delight, which is why we’ve teamed up with Portos to give you a special code. Right now when you order three dozen Porto’s items you can get the fourth completly free. Yes FREE. All you have to do is use the code PortosXPPLA. The code is limited to one use per customer, but we can already taste the excitment of a fourth free order in our heightened anticipation for you. Take dinner home, it’s all time we invite our friends and family over for an Angeleno staple. Now you can too, with just a click, you can bring Portos home to you anywhere in the United States, or better yet, share the love and mail Portos to your loved ones.

We invited some of our friends over for an intimate dinner at home, while we dined on Portos. Take a look at some of our favorite selections, and be sure to head to our Instagram for a look at the meal we hosted. Be sure to tag us with your orders and your meals at home! We will reshare you, as Portos is our favorite dining spot in all of Los Angeles. This is one Dinner Diaries that you can share over and over again. After all dining with friends and family on great food is best shared.