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Oct 2, 2020

Dinner Diaries: The Independence

We love venturing around Los Angeles to find the best places to dine. This week we went to Santa Monica to try out American fare with sass over at The Independence.

The Independence recently kicked off Whisky & Wings Wednesdays. From 5:30 pm to close, every Wednesday, they’ll offer $2 wings (must order 3, 6 or 12 wings), $6 well Whiskey drinks and $8 Whiskey signature drinks. they also have a $1 oyster special you won’t want to miss out on. We went for 1/2 dozen and had a range of oysters than varied in types from California, Washington, and Vancouver. All guests are seated with space for proper safety measures due to Covid-19, and your temperature is checked upon entering. You can also use the app Oh Waiter, to have all food and needs delivered via the apps waiter notices which are fully digital. Meaning, less interaction with your server if you are nervous. We loved the staff, but thats an option if it puts your mind at ease. Need a straw? No need to wait, just open up Oh Waiter, and it will be delivered right to your table.

We tried a variety of their dishes to let you know which were our faves, as well as a chance to show off how varied and accessible The Indepence’s menu is, which is perfect for everyone’s tastes. They have a scratch kitchen, meaning yes all your orders are made in house, as you order (even your sauces) and we discovered they are truly a local produce supportive establishment. The salad we went for, was completely made up of ingredients from the Santa Monica farmers market. Which also means their menu changes seasonally depending on what seasonal produce is available. Not only did we enjoy a great meal, it felt wonderful to know that the local farmers are also being supported. We see this as a win-win. You get delicious food, support the economy, and the local farms. Sustainability is key, we love seeing more and more restaurants move into a more supportive farm to table system.

Kick off your meal with one of their craft cocktails. We have their paloma and mule pictured above. The Independence offers a variety of mules for you to pick from. This makes for a great adventure when dining.

You can’t visit The Independence without checking out their wings. Pictured above are their Serrano Ginger wings. To. Die. For. This sauce is everything, and the wings are cooked to perfection. We also went for their lemon pepper which were delicious. We would have kept on going but knew we had to save some room for the rest of the meal. We cannot stress this sauce enough. You can also let your server know the spice level you’d like.

Pictured above is their 3rd and Arizona salad which is sourced right from the Santa Monica farmers market. This salad is incredible, and bursting with flavor. The peaches pair perfectly with the greens, cherry tomatoes and avocado. The nuts in the salad add the perfect amount of crunch.

Do not skip the mac and cheese. You can add goodies to it as well like bacon. We went for the original on the menu, and it comes piping hot in its own little skillet. This mac and cheese is bursting with flavor, and is super creamy. We would volunteer to jump into a tub of it with a fork without hesitation. Spice it up if you like, add veggies like mushrooms, maybe bacon if you like that, or just take it as it comes like we did. Their mac and cheese is made up of gruyere, white cheddar, asiago, parmesan, and gouda. You won’t be disappointed if you’re a cheese lover like we are.

The beauties featured above are their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and their Shrimp Po’Boy. The Nashville chicken sandwich is spicy and tempered with maple syrup. If you’re looking for happiness in a bite, this is it. Meanwhile the shrimp Po’boy is scrumptious with its burst of flavor. The chicken sandwich is boneless and fried (of course) with chili oil, sweet peppers, cabagge slaw and a house bun. The Po’boy features gulf shrimp, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, house pickles, fennel, sweet peppers, and cajun aioli. You wont regret a single bit from any of these beauties. Mighty food beasties you won’t want to leave off of your order.

Whether you’re looking for more vegetarian fare, healthy, or a good ole pub night out The Independence has options. Let us know your thoughts next time you’re in Santa Monica.