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Nov 29, 2019

Dinner Diaries: Warrior

Step into the eclectic luxury of Warrior newly opened on the infamous Sunset Strip, for your new dining and cocktails destination. You can check out all the interior pictures on our IG.

Warrior’s unique menus is curated by Top Chef winner Hung Huynh. You’ll find the menu is as varied and well curated as the decor within Warrior. Here is a peak at the delectable items we tried, at their private opening.

Our first venture into Warrior’s menu was their “Crack Cucumber” dish. the dish (aptly named) consists of thai peanut sauce, sesame seeds, and chili flakes. The combination is the die for, while the dish retains a fresh and light flavor.

The cauliflower dish was our favorite. We loved it so much we unabashedly asked for seconds (that is not a joke). The Cripsy Cauliflower is flash fried and tossed in a spicy aioli with chives. The flavor combination will leave you coming back again and again.

Our third dish was their fresh Tofu Tomato Salad. The salad is Arugula paired with basil, toasted pine nuts, tofu, tomato, and rice croutons. The flavors are very light, you can barely notice the spice, incase you are wary of spicy salads. Our only complain is we do wish the tofu was just a hair more firm. However, tofu like steak is all about preference. Some people prefer a softer and more wet tofu, much like some prefer a rare steak. We feel a firm tofu could go the distance in this dish, but in truth, the softness works as well for the general flavor profile of the dish.

We’re breaking up the dinner dishes to give you the ultimate cocktail swoop at Warrior. This beautiful green drink is a Matcha + Gin cocktail. It’s so delicious, the Gin is steeped in Matcha in for days. This is one drink you’ll never find on their menu. It’s a secret, so remember like a journalist you.. “never reveal your source”. Warrior’s bar staff only makes one bunch of this, once it’s gone, you have to wait your turn a few days from it’s untimely demise.

You cannot leave Warrior and not give their roasted jidory chicken a try. The chicken is juicy and served alongside Yucca fries. The Chicken is served with a lemongrass, turmeric, and lime seasoning.

Meatlovers prepare yourselves. Warrior offers a seared filet minion on their menu, accompanied with a black garlic soy glaze, and paired with seasonal veggies.

We concluded our tasting with Warrior’s churro dessert. Their churros are served with chocolate and matcha ice cream, alongside an Ovaltine chocolate syrup.