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Apr 2, 2021

Dinner Diaries: Yakumi

We took a trip to Burbank to check out a brand new sushi spot, that is destined for luncheon greatness, Yakumi.

Yakumi is an open and airy sushi spot located just a hop away from the big studios of WB and Disney. With a fresh sushi concept of focusing on five fish, you get higher quality sushi, and a menu that doesn’t leave you feeling daunted. Yakumi is also open for takeout and delivery (within a 3-mile radius). Yakumi is the newest restaurant concept from the masterminds behind Sushi Roku and Katana, Lee Maen and Philip Cummins of Innovative Dining Group, along with the original founder of PizzaRev, Nicholas Eckerman. The premium, fast-casual sushi concept debuts the first of its kind upscale approach to counter service with a menu hyper focused on high-quality ingredients, the freshest fish and easy-to-order combination boxes. 

Yakumi’s easy menu is a delight, especially if you love combining your eating experience with a mix of rolls and nigiri style sushi. They have four combination box offers. for the purpose of this review we split (between two people) their Yakumi plus option which is $36. The Yakumi Plus includes: Big Eye Tuna (2pc), Yellowtail (2pc), Salmon (2pc), Albacore (2pc), Shrimp (1pc),Choice of Salad and 2 Rolls. We opted for Spicy Tuna and the Yellowtail green onion roll.

Don’t worry if you’re a big lover of specialty rolls, Yakumi has you covered. For just $16 you can snap up their, Yakumi Specialty Roll which consists of a Salmon poke roll with avocado, ponzu & crispy onion. The roll is 8 pieces and great for sharing. We have to say this is the creamiest avocado we have ever had! you can really taste the freshness of the ingredients with every bite.

There is a single baked item on the menu and it is their Baked Crab Handroll in Soy Paper. The Roll is pretty big, we felt that this Baked Crab Roll would be perfect as an appetizer to kick off your sushi experience, of course you can have it for dinner, but with it’s slight sweetness we thought as an appetizer it would be most enticing as the preview before your main course.

Yakumi is getting creative with their cocktails by making them with sake. We love sake and knew we had to dive into a new experience when they let us know that the main ingredient was sake. We hadn’t ever had a cocktail made with sake and knew that this would be the perfect pairing. Who doesn’t want sushi and cocktails? For $7 a cocktail we felt this was too good to miss. Our favorite was a tie between their Lychee and Peach Lemon Drop.

Finally they have mochi ice cream which we went for. With Vanilla and Green Tea flavors there is a sweet spot for everyone.

Hours of operation are Sunday – Thursday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.and Friday and Saturday – 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. for dinner. We can’t wait until life is back to business as usual, and Yakumi can open its doors for lunch.