May 8, 2012


They say that fame changes a person; that once someone becomes successful in entertainment that they forget who they are and where they come from. Whoever coined that phrase never met Ryan McCombs, recently reunited lead singer of the hard rock band, Soil.

Originally formed in 1997, Soil was one of the front-runners of hard rock bands in the late 90s. In 2001, they released the album Scars, gaining the band mainstream radio success in both the US and the UK with the songs “Halo” and “Unreal”. In 2004, they released their next studio offering, Redefine, featuring powerful songs such as “Pride” and “Cross My Heart”. It also features “Remember”, a tribute to the passing of Drowning Pool’s former lead singer, Dave Williams. McCombs departed the band suddenly at the end of 2004.

“There were some issues between the rest of the band and myself,” McCombs explains. “And I wanted to get back to my family. We were touring like dogs, eleven months out of the year for three years straight. I needed to get away.”

After a sabbatical, McCombs joined Drowning Pool. “They were a great group of guys,” he says. “I liked them and trusted them from touring with them previously.” He was with them for nearly seven years, only leaving to rejoin Soil November 2011.

“We got back together originally to tour for the 10-year anniversary of Scars,” he notes. The tour was supposed to be a very limited engagement; only a few dates in the UK. However, after the success at each of the venues, and at an overwhelming response from the fans, the band decided to continue on a tour of the United States as well.

“We sold out almost every place we went,” McCombs recalls. “After a while, we kept hearing fans say, ‘when are you guys coming here?’ We decidedly unanimously to set up a few tour dates here and there. We’re going to take it easy, and roll with it to see where it takes us.” When asked about a unanimous decision being unusual, he said, “Some issues arise when there is just a majority rule. When we came together, we agreed that there should be a unanimous decision; even if it takes three days and a long waterboarding session.”

Of the tour dates Soil has announced, one of them is Rock on the Range May 20. “I love coming to Ohio,” said McCombs. “I’ve come to Rock on the Range twice previously with Drowning Pool, and I love the festival audience. It’s like a family reunion, and you just hope that crazy uncle doesn’t show up.”

“After 11 years of working, I would like to thank family for all their love and support, and all of the fans for the opportunity to do what we do,” he said. When asked about a new Soil album possibly in the works, he said “With things keep going the way their going, I would be surprised if there wasn’t. As long as we can get our work directly to the fans, without the middle man, there should be something soon.”


Soil will be playing on the Jaegermeister stage during Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio on May 20th. Check their fan page for added shows and  potential LA dates!