May 18, 2024

Disneyland Character Workers Are Going Union!

Disneyland character workers have united to vote to join the Actors Equity Association in a move to unionize their work.

Image: Courtesy of Actors Equity Association

This Saturday, saw a majority of Disneyland’s character workers vote to unionize with Actors’ Equity Association in a National LaborRelations Board vote. This move ushered more employees at Disneyland into the union fold. Nine hundred and fifty-three workers voted “yes” to join Equity, while 258 voted “no.” The parties now have several days to file any objections, and if none are submitted, the results will be certified.

California is a union state. This move doesn’t come as a surprise or a shock as post-pandemic we’ve seen unions and workers fight for better wages and working conditions, with better pay minimums to match the staggering rise of inflation we currently face.

“They say that Disneyland is ‘the place where dreams come true,’ and for the Disney cast members who have worked to organize a union, their dream came true today,” Actors’ Equity Association president Kate Shindle said in a statement on Saturday. “The next step will be to collaborate with them about improving health & safety, wages, benefits, working conditions and job security. After that we will meet with representatives of the Walt Disney Company to negotiate those priorities into a first contract.”

What do you think? We applaud the brace character workers at Disneyland. They are a vital part of the Disney theme park experience and deserve to be well taken care of.