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Apr 25, 2023

Doc Review: ‘The Light We Carry’

Michelle Obama finishes up her book tour with Oprag Winfrey in Netflix’s The Light We Carry.

Netflix paired up with Higher Ground Productions & Jesse Collins Entertainment to bring the documentary special, The Light We Carry to the streamer. Former First Lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to the question “How.” Which is why she took the frequent hows and whys she recieves and put them into a book. Her book “The Light We Carry: Overcoming Uncertain Times,” comes on the heels of her widely succesful memoir, “Becoming”, which went on to become one of the best-selling books of all time. Her new book, titled “The Light We Carry: Overcoming In Uncertain Times,” immediately debuted atop the bestsellers charts and is the title behind the new documentary special with Oprah on Netflix.

The book draws on Michelle Obama’s personal struggles over the last few years, offering what she calls a “toolbox” of strategies to stay hopeful and optimistic amidst the many challenges of life. This toolbox is exactly what she brings to the conversation as she discusses topics from within the book with Oprah.

“The Light We Carry: Overcoming Uncertain Times,” which will take the form of first-person anecdotes and lessons learned from Michelle Obama’s time in the White House and her life as a mother and spouse. “It’s a collection of practices and perspectives that I draw on when I need to stay balanced and confident, especially in times of anxiety and stress,” she explains. She speaks on a variety of topics including how her parents raised her in the new special. Michelle Obama does not shy away from answering Oprah’s questions about herself her husband, former President Barack Obama. Oprah exalts Michelle Obama and speaks on excerpts from the book, complimenting her on passages that included sentences like “Barack is my home.” The thruline is how powerful family bonds and a belief in yourself can be.

At the core of this special you can expect candid conversation between Oprah and Michelle Obama. It doesn’t feel crafted or curated to perfection. Instead, the talk is a refreshing and relatable take on life lessons. Michelle Obama offers up her hard won wisdom about self-confidence, fear, and aging. She gives practical advice for living in modern times, including the power of a kitchen table full of friends. No topic was off the table either. She spoke on menopause, life issues, and even romance. Nothing is off the table. This documentary is exemplary in what a great doucmentary style chat can live up to. A Must see.

You can pick up her book now here or here.