Jun 21, 2021

Don’t Miss Photo Factory Showcasing Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Now at NeueHouse

Andy Warhol is one of art’s photography greats. In a rare look into his creative process, you can now buy tickets to see his Polaroids of friends and celebrities alike at NeueHouse, Hollywood.

Copyright: Andy Warhol

This week you can join NeueHouse Hollywood as the showcase a Summer Meeting. NeueHouse calls it a celebration conceived by The Mistake Room (TMR) for this Pride month that re-imagines a night at Andy Warhol’s The Factory through a queer Latinx lens among an exhibition of rare and never-before-exhibited Warhol photographs. You can snag your tickets here. Meanwhile, don’t miss Andy Warhol: Photo Factory, which is the largest West Coast exhibition of Warhol’s photography to date. The exhibit features iconic images from every stage of the legendary artist’s career. It is a bright display, that mixes common moments alongside unabashed details of our human condition. You can purchase tickets for the showcase here.