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Nov 30, 2018

Dreams Do Come True: Bringing the Conrad Series to Life in Chicago

Sometimes dreams do come true. With the right team at the right moment, anything can happen. That’s certainly the case with Conrad, a new series coming out of Chicago. The series, which makes its premiere this Sunday at a star-studded gala downtown, is the result of the hard work of a truly passionate team.

Let’s be clear here. Web series like this are in the works all over the country. The difference here is this team pulled it off. The entertainment world is very cutthroat and for a group of indie actors, directors and producers to have pulled something like this off needs to be commended. If anything, it should be an example to other indie filmmakers out there what is truly possible if everything comes together.

Conrad started out as a short film from cinematographer and writer Ryan Atkins. He had spent years working as a cinematographer on other projects and wanted to do something of his own. So he wrote a short treatment and started the casting process. It was there that he met Jennifer A. Goodman.

“She came in to audition and had the kind of persona that really elevated the script, it was like she had made it her own,” Atkins told Press Pass LA. “She had some notes on the character but that eventually turned into us developing the story much further into what it is today.”

Goodman, who has a background in sales, was made for the silver screen. She worked as writer, producer and actor on the show really bringing it into fruition. Talking with the two of them it is clear they balance each other out.

“We started writing together, really fleshing out the script well into the night and quickly got a full-fledged team involved. We went from a two person team to 20 or 30 in just a few months,” noted Goodman. “One of my favorite moments shooting the series was being able to shut down Whacker Drive to do a scene; we also shot in the Merchandise Mart after hours.”

That enthusiasm garnered even more attention. Looking through the cast list there might be more than a few familiar names on there. Veteran Chicago actor Chris Routhe of Chicago Fire and Empire was brought in for a role, Torey Adkins of Real Steel and Chicago Justice landed a spot and many more came together to really elevate the material.

This weekend it all comes together. This weekend it will all be worth it. But it doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. It’s Goodman’s and Atkins’ goal to have the series picked up by a major network or streaming service. They will do it too.  Sometimes dreams do come true.