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Nov 26, 2012


There are three dances total to accumulate the judges scores. Last night, two were performed (repeat dance of the season and everyone’s favorite freestyle). Tonight, the instadance will be in the grand finale to complete the performances before factoring in the viewer’s votes.

Kelly led the night with a repeat of her Paso Doble. I’ll admit, I didn’t think she would make it this far, but this little engine could and did! Her freestyle was an homage to Dirty Dancing. Both routines garnered her a 29.5 for each. She was solid and monotone. Give me some expressions, please! Well, this is about dancing, not her Le Femme Nikita personality, so I will say the tiny little church mouse exceeded everyone’s expectations this season. No shade thrown from me, except for that possibly 16 inch waist she is sporting. Why did I buy those cupcakes from Sprinkles?!! Damn you delicious treats!

Melissa smiled through her entire Samba to let everyone know she was having the best time of her life. I still don’t know who the hell she is, but I do know she can move! Her freestyle was an interpretive dance to a song that personified her entire season. She put her heart and soul in each week. A perfect 60 was well deserved.

Shawn was the grand finale and as always the most entertaining to watch. She performed her rule breaking Samba, which made for major deductions, but was just as entertaining the second go around. (29) As for her freestyle, one word: WOW! Shawn is superhuman. If there was a 20 paddle, she would…no SHOULD have gotten it! I guarantee this will get quite a few hits on YouTube. People will vote for her to win. (30)

Another chapter in the DWTS novel has been pagemarked. Kiss the wife and put the kids to bed! Thank you again for riding shotgun with me on this journey. This holiday season, give thanks, give back, and give unselfishly. One Love.