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Apr 20, 2013


Photo Credit: ABC

It was Stevie Wonder week, so we actually got to view a major STAR on the show! Mr. Wonder’s music can make anyone feel like dancing. I was just hoping that the moves would match the music. Please don’t make me wish I was blind….uh, sorry Stevie, no pun intended.

Zendaya: (cha cha) She could hula hoop for 30 seconds and still have a guaranteed spot in the finale. This isn’t because she has a big fan base. It’s because she has big talent. A word of advice my mini diva: enjoy that high metabolism! Oh, to be a skinny teenager! 29

Andy: (samba) Each season there is one celebrity that has zero previous dance training but tries their hardest. He may not have moves like Jagger, but he’s got the heart of a champion. This is the season of DICK! #dropthemic 18

Sean: (samba) I just noticed that he Sean has the “Matthew McConaughey” complex. Big chest with short built arms, also known as the T-Rex effect. He wisely ripped off his shirt during his performance so horny housewives would lose focus on his lackluster dancing skills. Every AT&T operator in Nebraska was working overtime last night. 21

Aly: (fox trot) I thought choosing “Isn’t She Lovely” was perfect to make this dance look light and airy. It also suited a young woman of Aly’s age. It was a sweet dance she dedicated to her hometown of Boston. 27

*Sidebar: Who the Hell thought it was a good idea for Stevie Wonder to stand in the middle of the dance floor and perform while these hoochies sashayed around him? He is a legend! Let that man sit and sing….Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Ingo: (tango) Ingo needs to pull out some pizazz because right now his dances are good but not great. He will continue to stay in the middle until he does what 80% of the viewing audience (women) want him to do….take your shirt off. 24

Kellie: (quick step) Everybody knows I am a big fan of a hot jumpsuit. Ms. Pickler was giving me Studio 54 realness on the dancefloor! And her moves matched the look. Go ahead with your bad self, Miss Showstopper! 29

Victor: (rumba) “My girlfriend dumped me…I’m bottom 2 each week…I’ll always look 13…” Stop whining Victor or you’re going to lose votes! You dance well. Improve on that and keep flashing that smile. Your life isn’t bad. 18

Jacoby: (quickstep) Not his best dance but he’s a crowd pleaser with his infectious attitude. He’ll soar through to next week. 23

Its that time of the season where the producers need to stretch out the show. Ladies and gentlemen, the team dances have begun!

It’s Team Samba versus Team Paso in round one. I’m never a fan of the team dances. It really singles out the weakest player. Oh, who am I kidding? It gives me some of my best material! Team Paso won with 25 out of 30 points added to everyone’s score.

Who’s the next casualty in the battle of the ballroom? You’ll just have to watch!