Reviews, Television
Nov 20, 2012


The holidays are approaching and what better gift could ABC give us than dances to the music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Might I say, I appreciate that the band didn’t do their own versions of his majesty’s hits. Not to take away from the orchestra, but to celebrate the 25th anniversary of such an iconic album, only the original renditions will do.

Alas, with every treat there is a trick. I also had to endure a first round toted as the “offbeat challenge.” Are the producers just throwing darts at a cork board?

Melissa was first in both sets of dancing. Dance #1 was dubbed the caveman hustle. I don’t know what this mash-up was supposed to be, but it did show her athleticism and a smoking hot set of abs! (27.5) Dance #2 was and Argentine tango to Dirty Diana, which she nailed! In my opinion, it was her best dance of the entire season. (perfect 30)

Shawn was given the Indian dance of Bhangra. I’ve never seem moves performed so fast, yet so precise. I could only wish to be half as strong with an ounce of the athleticism this young lady exudes. There is no doubt that Shawn will be in the finals. I was out of breath just watching her! (perfect 30) She kept the momentum going with an Argentine Tango to the tune of Michael Jackson’s BAD. Shawn and Derrick were a match made in dance heaven. They both push each other further than any other couple. Start making room on that mantle! (29)

Apolo was given big top jazz. W…T…F!!! The beginning was jumbled and erratic. For a genre that nobody knew what to expect, he and Karina tried to put in risky moves that just didn’t work. Good thing they were able to redeem themselves with a rumba to MJ’s Man In The Mirror. The King was bringing out the best in everyone! (27 and 30, respectively)

This dumb offbeat challenge fouled up the steps of one of the greatest men on the gridiron, and I’m not too happy about that! Emmit made the best out of his espionage Lindy Hop. That sentence doesn’t even make sense! Even with a shaky start, he recovered quickly and made the dance fun. (27) On the flip side, Emmit stayed focus and serious during a tango to “Leave Me Alone.” I really hope me makes it to the finals. I remembered when he won the mirror ball trophy. His performance in the finals was stellar. Fingers crossed! (27)

Kelly was given a surfer flamenco. Again, really? Who’s the brains behind this operation? Anyways…the ending where she and Val dances on water was clever, in my opinion. The judges didn’t feel my same sentiment. If anything, I hope she kept those gladiator boots! Cuuuuuute!!! (25.5) What I believe was her swan song was Mr. Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” to a steamy rumba. Did I see a little tongue in that kiss at the end?! I guess if you’re going to go out, better to do it with a bang!

Double elimination tonight leading all up to next week’s FINALE!!! Who will survive to dance off their turkey feast? We’ll just have to see. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful you took a little to read my little blog!