May 14, 2012


It’s down to the Dancing with the Stars final four. With just two weeks left, now is the time to leave it all on the dance floor (and by that I mean William Levy come out in just a speedo). The contestants were given two dance routines to learn, and we got to know more about their back stories through prerecorded packages.

They do this every season so the top two spots in the finals are filled with the contestants with the strongest dance ability, and the final goes to Mr/Ms Congeniality.

There was definitely a standout performer this evening. Everyone had one good dance, but only one star had two: Maria Menounos.

William kicked the show off with a Tango. His dance partner, Cheryl, is smart to keep alot of William’s steps basic and let him lead the intensity through his face. It keeps the judges under his handsome spell. However, when he got to his second dance of the night (Samba), he guaranteed the votes in three words: Tight White Pants! Some asses where just made for them! A perfect score was in order after the first of two wiggles the camera got a wide shot of. There were plenty of women at home, sitting next to their partners thinking, “You should’ve stopped at the gym instead of McDonald’s! Yuck….I better start faking that headache now.” 28, 30

I must have channeled the spirit of head judge Len because I was feeling quite critical and noticing every misstep in the performances. Katherine had one in the Quickstep that Carrie-Ann and Bruno somehow missed. She tried to bring a show stopping routine in her Salsa. It had very quick movement and lots of footwork, but in the last ten seconds something went awry with her back. It was devastating to see because the audience could tell the 10 paddles were about to emerge. I believe her loyal fans will place her in the finals, though. 29, 27

Donald is the true underdog in this final four. In my opinion, he has given a few flawless dances but one thing stops him from that 30: a 10 from Len! What’s a brother got to do?! His Waltz was heavenly and Samba made the entire room smile. Yet, still no perfect score because of one man. 28, 29

Oh, Hey Aaron Rodgers! How You Doing?

It was fitting to place Maria in the closer position of the evening. Here is someone who definitely deserves to be in the finals. If you review each week to see who’s grown the most this season, it’s Maria…hands down! Countless injuries were never an excuse because she kept getting better. At the beginning of the season, she wasn’t even on my radar for top four. She racked up the highest scores of the night with a seamless Argentine Tango and different take on the Jive. 30, 29

Who’s going home? Your guess is as good as mine. William will be the first one safe. Fans want to see what his freestyle will consist of and whether or not a shirt will be involved. I think Donald will be in danger because he is the only one who has been in the danger zone before. It’s all up to the fans now!