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Sep 21, 2018

Dysplay Release Twin Peaks Inspired Single

Emerging synth-pop duo Dysplay have been a refreshing addition to the Los Angeles hotbed of 80s-inspired music.

Dysplay’s latest single Mr. Jackpots (Back to Life) is no exception, tapping into the Talking Heads and David Bowie sweet spots in all of us.
Giving the single a little more intrigue, vocalist Eric Scullin explains how the song was actually inspired by Twin Peaks character Dougie Jones:
“We created a whole new persona for Dougie – a self-obsessed low roller who considers his temporary, minor come-ups to be life changing paydays. Our ‘Mr. Jackpots’ is oblivious, easily impressed, and narcissistic. He erases any gains just as quickly as he makes them in his vain quest to come back to life.'”
Check out the track below, chances are you’ll be singing along with the “Oooh” melody during your commute (it’s extremely catchy)!


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