Jun 14, 2013


The Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One took center stage as they competed for the thousands of gamers who flocked to this year’s E3 event. Even with the pretty women in cosplay outfits and the abundance of gamer ‘swag’ in the form of t-shirts and video game memorabilia, all eyes were on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Gamers tested out Knack, Driveclub, Killzone: Shadow Fall and InFamous: Second Son on the new Playstation, set to release during the ‘holiday 2013.’ The console carries a $399 price tag, about $100 cheaper than it’s competitor, the Xbox One. Xbox spared no expense with their E3 displays, showcasing an actual model car from the Forza Motorsports 5 game and splashing their signature green colors around the arena. The Xbox One received a lot of criticism with its price tag and ‘always on’ internet requirement. Gamers also were unhappy about the lack of backward compatibility with their Xbox 360 video games.

The E3 event lasted three days and attendees were exposed to the video game industry’s most technologically advanced products. Let us know what you think about the PS4 and Xbox One!