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Dec 16, 2013


The Echo Society is a Los Angeles based collective of like-minded composers, musicians and artists who gather together to share new sonic and visual art locally. There is so much beauty in what these people are doing. Last Thursday, they got to share that beauty with a sold out audience for their first ever installment.

A seriously talented ten piece orchestra, conducted by ASCAP composer, Joseph Trapanese performed sample tracks from numerous composers at the historic Mack Sennett Studios near Silverlake, and it was a truly inspired evening. Mack Sennett Studios, named for renowned producer of the same name was constructed in 1916 and has recently been remodeled to a beautiful space for artists to showcase their work. Originally a silent movie theatre, the studio space has evolved into a platform for “film, television, advertising, music, fashion and art industries, as well as large-scale events.”

The place is stunning—an eclectic combination of rustic and modern, with high ceilings and wooden walls. This particular evening began with cocktails from Lillet and Fair Quinoa Vodka in the lobby to the tune of DJ Mileece’s literally electronic motifs. The room filled, and the orchestra took their places, readying themselves to present their renditions of composers’ favorites.

Leading the performance was Nathan Johnson with Faux Fix, whose harmonies floated through the air, gathering attention from all in the room. Melodious vocals were soon replaced with the marriage of orchestra and electronica.

Lineup for the evening:

Nathan Johnson (with Faux Fix) – One of These Days

Benjamin Wynn (Deru) – Black Snow

Judson Crane – Alter Peak

Joseph Trapanese – Northern Light

Rob Simonsen – Warmth For Wolves

Jeremy Zuckerman – Far Away Storms

Brendan Angelides (Eskmo) – Polar Bear and Blackbirds

Faux Fix – Little Smokestacks


Neel Hammond, Lucia Micarelli – Violins

Jeanie Lim – Viola

Jake Braun – Cello

Ian Walker – Bass

Amy Tatum, Gina Luciani – Flutes

Justin Hageman, Danielle Ondarza – Horns

James Sullivan – Bass Clarinet


Satoshi Noguchi

Lighting Design:

Brady McGowan

Orchestra Coordination:

Neel Hammond, Lucia Micarelli

Event Coordination:

Joy Design Collaborative

Graphic Design:

Vishana Lodhia

To follow future happenings visit  The Echo Society.