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Sep 24, 2016

Ellen Pompeo X Philosophy

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo celebrated the show’s premiere this week with the launch of Philosophy’s newest collection: ‘Miracle Worker’. Ellen hosted the successful launch of the ‘Uplifting Miracle Worker’ this past Thursday at Quixote Studios in Hollywood, CA. Other stars in attendance of her collaboration with the beauty brand included: Mario Lopez, Christina Milian, and tv reality celeb: Morgan Stewart. 



Philosophy is a longtime award winning skincare brand with their hit cleanser ‘Purity’ winning Allure magazines best of year after year. It’s no surprise their latest product features some pretty incredible technology. Their ‘Uplifting Miracle Worker’ features: Cool-Lift Technology. What the heck is that? Let us break is down for you. Their ‘Cool-Lift Tech’ is inspired by cry-rejuvenating treatments. Yes, exactly like cryotherapy ( when people go freeze themselves; incase you hadn’t heard). Cryotherapy is designed to reduce inflammation and increase collagen production in the skin. Using the same goals Philosophy developed ‘Cool-Lift Technology’. If applied twice daily you should see a reduction in your fine lines around 8 weeks. Beauty does take time after all. This collection of skincare aims to redefine skin: making it to appear tighter, firmer, and visibly lifted. The key ingredients used to create this effect are: provitamin p, rye seed extract, and marine plankton extract, amongst others. The marine plankton extract is especially helpful as it’s key use it to rebuild collagen and elastin.



Because we believe in #GetWhatMatters we love that 1% of all Philosophy products go to benefit community based mental health efforts. While the true focus of the night, skincare aside was: philanthropy. Philosophy generously donated 10k to the Aviva Foundation.















Fun-facts aside, check out this cool commercial Ellen and Philosophy teamed up to make for you.