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Nov 3, 2014


The curtain opens, the band starts to play, the goose bumps multiply, the lights come on, and the screaming begins. It’s one of those moments when you stop and ask yourself, “whoa…am I really here?” Words cannot even begin to describe the experience that is Emblem 3’s Forever Together Tour.

Emblem3_ForeverTogetherTourWesley and Keaton left their hearts out on that stage. I feel like every person in the venue fed off of each others energy. The music was booming loud and the screams were exhilarating. Although the pushing could have been less, you just had to remind yourself that you’re all here for the same purpose-your love for Emblem3.

They opened with “Teenage Kings” and sang some of their old songs from their Nothing To Lose album intermixed with some of the tracks from their Volume One, Songs from The Couch. When they sang, everyone was well…obsessed! Everyone was either dancing, waving their arms, singing along or in some cases all three! Not only did they have the concert vibe but they also did some acoustic songs when they brought out their ukulele and guitars. It was beautiful!

Wesley and Keaton have always been amazing at connecting with their fans. As I looked around and saw all these different faces, I could tell the exact moment that someone had just made eye contact with one of the boys. As my friend Hannah and I were reminiscing on how we felt about the concert she said something that I feel like a lot of girls could relate to.“For those few precious seconds when you are making eye contact with one of them, you know this blissful feeling is something you will never forget.”

This is just the beginning of Emblem3. The Forever Together Tour is the perfect representation of what is to come. The boys did a phenomenal job and I for one can’t wait to watch them continue to succeed and grow in their music.Emblem3_ForeverTogetherTour

Reporting by Michaela Kruse, Photos by Mike Danenberg