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Mar 21, 2019

Emilia Clarke Unveils Her Charity She’s Created Alongside Stunning Injury Essay in Today’s New Yorker

Emilia Clarke known around the world as Khaleesi, the Queen of a hundred names and titles in HBO’s hit Game of Thrones. Emilia penned a heart wrenching, life changing experiencing in today’s New Yorker.

Emilia dropped the bombshell news early this morning on her Instagram. You can support her fight to aid others with her condition by following and reading up on her charity: Same You


At only 24 years old Emilia suffered her first brain aneurysm after cutting her workout short, just a short while after wrapping Season one for Game of Thrones. We’ve snagged a few exceprts from her heart wrenching saga she penned for you below. To read the full article we urge you to run to the NEW YORKER <– as you click this link to read all the deatils.


For a few moments, I tried to will away the pain and the nausea. I said to myself, “I will not be paralyzed.” I moved my fingers and toes to make sure that was true. To keep my memory alive, I tried to recall, among other things, some lines from Game of Thrones.

I heard a woman’s voice coming from the next stall, asking me if I was O.K. No, I wasn’t. She came to help me and maneuvered me onto my side, in the recovery position. Then everything became, at once, noisy and blurry. I remember the sound of a siren, an ambulance; I heard new voices, someone saying that my pulse was weak. I was throwing up bile. Someone found my phone and called my parents, who live in Oxfordshire, and they were told to meet me at the emergency room of Whittington Hospital.

A fog of unconsciousness settled over me. From an ambulance, I was wheeled on a gurney into a corridor filled with the smell of disinfectant and the noises of people in distress. Because no one knew what was wrong with me, the doctors and nurses could not give me any drugs to ease the pain.