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Jul 16, 2019

Emmy Nominations 2019

The 2019 Emmy Nominations are out, and these are our front runners!

When They See Us snagged Netflix the lion’s share of nominations this year. If you haven’t watched this heart wrenching drama about a true case in NYC, that put innocent boys behind bars you’ve been sheltering under a rock. Get to it.

We’re also cheering for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel snagging Emmy nominations for best comedy! It’s so exciting to see women leading the pack in Emmy nominations, as tv is reaching it’s strongest storytelling in years.

We’re also over the moon for Jared Harris’ Emmy nominations for HBO’s bone chilling Chernobyl which takes a look at the real life nuclear disaster that rocked the Soviet Union and almost decimated eastern Europe.

There are alot of Game of Thrones noms for supporting actresses but we have to tell you, you’re crazy if you think we’re not screaming from the rooftops for Aunt Petunia (Fiona Shaw) to take that baby home. Brava to Killing Eve for it’s nominations this year!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is sweeping awards with a stunning 11 nominations for her show Fleabag alone! As executive producer of Killing Eve her BBC/BBC America show is also nominated with a hefty degree of HFPA approval. Phoebe who is currently wrapping up the Bond 2025 rewrites ont he script has the midas touch for the best writing on televison. No we didn’t studder, she is incomparable.

Let us know what your favorite nominations were, or who you wished had been nominated. Honestly, Game of Thrones gave us a terribly weak season and these nominations seem poor choices. Even the lighting in the show was iffy this year. The best episode that could’ve been wasn’t even viewable. Don’t let us remind you of the fan who took the lighting team to town. Infact we wil. It’s down below, you’re welcome. What we would pay to see the full dragon fight, actually visible. So much money, so much failure. Also, it is a testament to Viola Davis’ skill as an actor that she’s nabbed another nomination despite being on a big network who’ve been loosing nomations to high quality content with more artictic freedom seen on the streaming and cable platforms.