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Oct 31, 2017

Enrique Iglesias X Pitbull World Wide Tour

Enrique and Pitbull have entered the North American leg of their joint world wide tour and kicked off an amazing set at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA. If you couldn’t make it to LA, don’t worry you still have time to catch them in the US. Check out their full tour dates here on Live Nation.

Co-Headliner: Enrique kicked off the show with fans screaming and swooning as his suave charisma graced either edge of his stage with hello. He played fan favorites like ‘Bailamos’, opened the show with his newest hit ‘Subeme La Radio’, (our personal fav ->) Hero, and ‘Bailando’ among many more. The most interactive artist we’ve ever seen take a stage, Enrique is not one you want to miss out. He’s a talented musician and unafraid of jumping into the crowd, or hugging his fans as he takes the stairs into the arena. This is one “Oh My God, I’m SO close” ticket you won’t regret buying. Who knows, you could be in Enrique’s arms tomorrow. Make sure you post AND tell. We want to see.


Pitbull enters with the high impact energy his songs always deliver. Club banger, international hits, and booty shaking tunes pump you up for the final leg of the night. Also can we say Pitbull 2020? Mr. 305 was interactive with his speeches to his fans. Siii Mr. Presidente I hear you! Preaching about love and unity, music as a universal uniter, and our need to reach out with more empathy to one another, Pitbull was on a roll. Are you ready to turn up in the White House? Because we were after hearing his impassioned speeches. If he wasn’t thinking of at least running for Governor he should now. We spent the night dancing our hearts out, and you should too!


Don’t miss the Enrique X Pitbull world tour while shows are still available. Check out our Instagram post with pics and videos from this epic night.


Our one itsie bitsie note…was the artists did not perform together. Yet they have several hits together. We thought that was a bit disappointing. Oh well. We left you with our favorite collab from them if you want to jam out. We did.