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Jun 3, 2019

Escape to Dreamscape LA

Dreamscape LA is an escape into your wildest imagination. Created by a former Disney Imagineer, it’s a world apart from your basic video games.

Dreamscape LA is so immersive in it’s VR experience, you won’t be able to tell if what you’re seeing is real or a computer generated world. The experience creates a full 360 degree world which you walk through, as your own customized avatar. They currently have three adventures to choose from: Alien Zoo, The Blu, and Curse of The Lost Pearl. Each adventure has different levels of interaction, and difficulty, with full hands on experiences within the VR world. You will get to pet animals, touch trees, and even weild your own whip. All within the confines of VR’s expansive technology. We loved suiting up for the adventure as it made us feel like bonafide ghostbusters, with a blaster pack in the back. Hey, this could be a great idea for their next adventure. We hope to experience even more interaction in the future, but right now being able to step into a world like Ready Player One set up for us is pretty astounding. Dreamscape LA is located in Century City, at the Westfield Mall.