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Jul 19, 2013


Photo Credit, Eric John

The annual ESPN Magazine Body issue, featuring covergirl Courtney Force this year, is one of the best selling publications that showcases top physical specimens in the nude, with respect to their field of expertise.  The launch party kicked off at Lure nightclub in Hollywood on a hot summer night in July.

The carpet began to sizzle when the featured models/athletes came to pose for the camera before heading inside the event which was sponsored by GMC and Hennessy.

Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings looked statuesque while chatting with us about posing at 9 months pregnant, then coming back two months later to do it again.  She said she wasn’t quite where she wanted to be but was happy to showcase her athletic curves and fabulous bump for the magazine.  NHRA driver Courtney Force let everyone know that dangerous curves go beyond the track in a form fitting mini dress.  She talked about how much physical exertion it takes to control her vehicle, and the demands in the weight room to keep her upper body lean and mean.  Tarah Gieger let us know her biggest fear during the shoot was not falling off her Moto X bike without a helmet all while naked!

All the athletes looked just as stunning with their clothes on as they did with them off.  When asking what fitness tips to offer their fans, one of the biggest exercises that was repeated was yoga.  I guess Madonna knew the secret all along (just look at her body).

The carpet was full of veteran athletes and some newbies who were more than excited to be at the event.  Snowboarder Rory Bushfield said he’d be more than game to pose in next year’s edition! His agent will be getting a call in 3, 2, …

After the flashing lights, everyone scurried inside to enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and a performance by recording artist Santigold.  Just your average Tuesday in LalaLand.

Pick up your copy of the Body issue of ESPN magazine on newsstands now.  Add it to your collector’s items because it is definitely easy on the eyes and will sell out fast!

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