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Apr 27, 2015


Stepping into the Lombardi house was like stepping into a haven of dreams, with Eva Longoria’s new bedding and decor collection ,a palette of soft colors and unique prints inspired by Eva’s worldwide travels.

EvaLongoria_JCPenneyDream catchers hung in the garden, globes and vintage furniture outlined the theme for Eva Longoria’s Home Collection which is now being sold at JCPenney.

The actress says that ever since she was a young girl her mother always told her to make every place she goes to feel like a home, and even though this home collection has been in the works only a few years, Eva has always taken her mother’s advice.

“When I lived in a crappy apartment in Hollywood, one bedroom apartment with five people I made the curtains, the throw pillows and I made sure it was a home…I remember the reason I made throw pillows was because I couldn’t afford them, I would go to stores and if it had a beading on it I knew I couldn’t afford it,” said Longoria.

Some of the worldly inspirations include tiles from Spain that has been included on her throw pillows, bedding with rich deep blues and white prints that remind her of the sea and white houses of the Mediterranean, and lavender bedding which the actress refers to as a “sexy” color.EvaLongoria_JCPenney

As for bedroom do’s and don’ts, Eva is a huge fan of throw pillows but recommends not to do over beaded pillows ,”I love decorative pillows that are functional.” says Longoria.

Eva Longoria and JCPenney are looking to expand the brand into a lifestyle brand and are currently working on bathroom decor to help match the bedding decor. Soft throws will also be made available this fall.

The actress is currently working on a TV movie called, Telenovela, where you will soon be able to spot some her of bedroom collection. But for now you can view her collection at