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Nov 26, 2012


Photo Credit, Mike Danenberg

Many people go out to the bars on the day before thanksgiving and get hammered to the point where they can relax on the couch the next day until its time to feast. I, on the other hand, went to see Everclear and Eve 6 at the City National Grove of Anaheim. Its been so long since I’ve listened to both these bands, but I was extremely excited to see them after all these years.

I walked up to the gate and already heard music playing. A security guard told me there were six opening bands. I was very surprised at that! Its so great to see large bands allow more opening bands on their shows. Give the small bands a chance! I really enjoy this venue. It’s big, has great lighting, and always has a great group of people in the crowd.

The main tour opener was a band called Namesake from Altanta. I kinda liked them! They were pop/rock and provided the necessary energy to bring out the headliners. They played their upbeat originals and even busted out a Bon Jovi cover and a talk box solo.

As Eve 6 took the stage, the crowd lit up. Lead vocalist and bassist, Max Collins, really knows how to hype a crowd. Throughout the set he kept talking to the crowd letting them know how much it meant to them that they were here. They performed old and new songs including “Open Road,” “Promise,”Situation Infatuation,” and more. Max kept repeating “Anaheim, Anaheim, Anaheim!” The crowd reacted so well to their set. Max took the mic stating “There’s a powerful vibration in the room. We love you more with an unfathomable love. Put your arms up now, and let it all soak in.”

The one thing I took away from Eve 6’s set, was that they love putting great vibes in the room. They promoted their new recordĀ Speak In Code, playing songs such as their new single “Curtain” as well as “Lost and Found” and “Pick Up The Pieces.” They closed the set with their most recognizable song “Inside Out.” Everyone joined in and sang along. This was a great set.

Up next was Everclear. I listened to these guys all the time back in the 90’s. They opened the set with a classic that everyone knew, “Father of Mine.” After the first song, lead singer Art Alexakis, wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. He seemed like one of the most genuine and nice guys. Art wanted to give a very special thanks specifically to each opening band who made it out and especially to Eve 6 who are some of their great friends.

They continued to play older tracks that are very recognizable, and continued to win the crowd. Towards the middle of the set, Art asked the crowd, “Which would you like to hear? A cover song or an Everclear song?” The crowd screams in favor of the Everclear song, but its really hard to tell which got more applause, so Art says “You’re all like a bunch of politicians, I can’t understand a word you say!” I laughed at that one. He then began to play a solo acoustic version of “Strawberry.” I found a couple dancing together and having a great time. I was most excited to hear their song “AM Radio” which I jammed to all the time back in the day.

It was a great set and a great show. The perfect start to the holiday weekend.

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