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May 31, 2019

Exclusive Artist Spotlight: “Not Ready” for Kensington Moore!

Nashville-to-LA songwriter Kensington Moore dropped her new single “Not Ready,” today! The song is available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all DSPs worldwide and trust us, you’re not ready for this! The song is THAT good.

The track, along with her debut single “I Don’t Like You Anymore,” was written & produced in collaboration with producer Corey Britz (Bush, The Voice, Dave Stewart, Atlas Genius) and engineer and mixer Travis Ference (Skylar Grey, Alex Da Kid, The Night Game).

We sat down with Kensi to chat about “Not Ready” and how her career has grown since she moved from Nashville to Los Angeles two years ago!

PPLA: Tell us about the inspiration behind your new single “Not Ready” and what you hope fans take from it.

KM: I wrote “Not Ready” after meeting somebody very special. I will never forget the feeling of love at first sight and having that instant spark and deep rooted connection with someone who felt so familiar, but in reality was a complete stranger. The chemistry was undeniable but the harsh reality was that neither one of us were ready for a relationship. The transition into your 20’s is a time that can sometimes require you to be a little selfish while figuring out your career and really just life in general. To me, a healthy relationship can’t come until you figure yourself out, and I hadn’t done that yet. Feelings are hard to fight when your heart has fallen deep, and for me and this guy, it just wasn’t our time.

Honestly, hopefully you can’t relate to this song! Ha – in a dream world, we would meet “the one” at the perfect time – you would be ready – they would be ready – and everything would fall right into place without even trying. But sadly, I feel like life isn’t always that easy. Right person, wrong time seems to be something we all go through at some point. I always remind myself “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” I want to encourage my fans to hold onto that. When the time is right – you’ll know.

PPLA: You started your career in Nashville and are now in Los Angeles. What’s the biggest difference you notice about the music industry between the two cities?

KM: Both Nashville and Los Angeles are absolutely incredible cities, and I feel so lucky to have experienced life in both places. A lot of people ask me why I didn’t just stay in Nashville with it being “Music City,” and the easiest way I know how to answer that question is that I’m a pop artist. 99% of the best pop writers/producers in the world are in LA. If I was pursuing country music, it would be a different story. Nashville has a “sound” and LA has a “sound” and they are both very different.

I’ve also noticed that the songwriting process/typical day in the studio in LA vs. Nashville is quite different. To me, it feels like Nashville is more songwriter based, while LA is more artist/producer based. Nashville’s reputation as a tight-knit songwriting community is no exaggeration. It seems as though everyone you meet is off to the next co-write or waiting for their next big cut – it’s really special and inspiring.

In my experience, a typical writing session in Nashville would consist of you and one or two other people sitting in a room with a guitar/piano in hopes of walking out at the end of the day with a voice memo recorded on your phone to pass along to your publisher to get their thoughts/approval to THEN see if it would be worth taking the time to get in the studio and actually record it. In LA, my experience has been a bit different. Most sessions in LA take place in a studio with at least one other writer along with a producer/engineer who is making the track as you write the song. It’s expected and pretty much guaranteed that you will walk out of a session without a radio-ready-sounding demo in hand. I love both approaches, I don’t think there’s a “right” or “wrong” – I guess it just depends on what’s best for the writers and their goals.

PPLA: You recently performed at SXSW this year. What was that experience like? Do you have any upcoming performances where our fans can see you next?

KM: Performing at SXSW this year was so fun. I have wanted to go to SXSW for years, so it was honestly surreal to be there. Shows for late summer/fall of this year will be announced soon!

PPLA: Who were your biggest music inspirations growing up, and who would be a dream collaboration for you now?

KM: Ooooh. Current dream collabs are Sasha Sloan, Julia Michaels, Khalid, and Bazzi. Couldn’t narrow it down to one lol!

PPLA: Think Fast: You’re favorite  things …

FAV LA Restaurant / Music Club etc. : ROSCOE’S HOUSE OF CHICKEN AND WAFFLES! I’m obsessed. When my friends/fam come to visit, it’s the first place I take them haha

FAV Spot in LA for Inspiration: There’s a lil hidden gem spot I discovered a few years ago in Malibu. It’s at the very top of a mountain and the view is absolutely insane. There’s something really magical to me about being in the mountains and looking out at the ocean. It’s breathtaking. I always go there when I need some inspiration or have a lot on my mind.

FAV Must-Have (Travel Item or Lucky Charm): My guitar! I literally take my guitar everywhere – it’s been around the whole world with me. I don’t think I’ve ever traveled without it.

Fun FactAbout You: I am the Pizza Queen.